Each of our muscles has a direct link to the nervous system, just like any other part of the body; however, the muscles give us the opportunity to test their function directly….no tools or Lab work needed! Testing the muscles is a GREAT advantage; it is like built-in BIOFEEDBACK!

As I chiropractor, I use the strength of muscles to determine where there is nerve involvement with spinal misalignments. Did you know that just the weight of a feather on a nerve will cut down its function by at least 80%?! Yes! It is quite amazing when I get a strong bodybuilder in my office (male and 30 years younger than me, no less) and I can push down their leg in testing their front thigh muscle (the quadriceps) like they’re a little kitten! It becomes undeniable where the patient is having problems, even if they don’t tell me.

Sometimes patients don’t know all of their problems. Usually, we associate a problem with pain or some other sort of symptom. People tend to figure that if their back doesn’t hurt, it must be “in place.” Well, where this falls in reasoning is that NOT ALL NERVES CARRY PAIN. That’s right. You could have a nerve that is significantly damaged, yet no pain. Hopefully, you never get to that point, but it is false information that you need to be aware of if you’re going to care for your health properly.

Beyond evaluating the spine, every muscle is associated with an organ or gland and an acupuncture meridian (these are energy pathways). Again, muscle weaknesses are a strong clue of what is going on with one’s body and are an invaluable tool in evaluating the body holistically. This system of muscle testing is called APPLIED KINESIOLOGY.
Sherry Yale D. C


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