How to Read Oracle Cards: Gratitude


This month’s oracle card highlight is the “gratitude” card, a favorite of mine. It’s stunning on so many levels and drips with symbolism. It’s the perfect card for the coming spring. The winged being could be the season’s poster child. The gorgeous images will stand out for clairvoyants, the people that get intuitive hits from visual cues. I go in-depth on how to get your intuition in my workshops. On Wednesday, March 7, come join the Intuitive Circle in Plymouth, Michigan, for how to remove blocks to your intuition. Everyone has a method, one that ignites the rest, so to speak. It’s quite easy to figure out. Once you discover your method, a whole new world will come alive.

I’ve been using this deck to give readings for over three years now. I’m constantly seeing new things in the cards. Here is a recent discovery I take total delight in. I now associate this card with Mother Mary and the goddess, because it looks like the maiden here is holding a child at her chest, wrapped in pink blankets. If I pulled this card for someone, they might be working with Mother Mary in their spiritual work, or praying to her. A newborn child is a sign of new life. Spring is the ultimate sign of renewal and rebirth. Pink represents innocence and sweet love. New love. We will soon fall deeply in love with spring. Her green tendrils will wrap around our hearts. Her soft flower petals and crispy mornings will wake us from winter’s hush.

If this card came up in a reading, the obvious theme would be gratitude. A royal gold and white mirror, beautifully tells how our thoughts have energy. What we are thinking about, and feeling about ourselves and our lives, will be reflected back to us. Gratitude is the great attractor of what we desire. The crown above her is a symbol of the Divine. The card says to expect wonderful things to happen when you combine your most desired and impassioned intentions, with Spirit’s unlimited love and potential.

This card could also mean a baby is on the way, or a child is going off to college, or a girl is becoming a young woman. This is a renewal card. It could be a marker of someone coming out of a long and challenging illness, full of hope for a bright and healthy future. It could also mean a proposal is on the way, or engagement announcement.

And would you believe, I just saw a castle behind our winged maiden for the first time! The crown and the castle could represent someone building their empire. Another meaning here is the cultivation of self-love and personal work. This beauty loves herself, others and life itself! She is eternally grateful for all she has been given. Her happy heart is a magnet of even more fortune and love. She’s a sign of the coming spring! The color white behind her reflects a recent time of reflection and turning in. I don’t know about you, but I always feel this way at this time of year, happy and full of hope.


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