SPECIAL 8-WEEK ONLINE COURSE to Help Heal Grieving Hearts


SPECIAL 8-WEEK ONLINE COURSE to Help Heal Grieving Hearts
Beginning on March 19,2018

Beginning on March 19th, you will get the opportunity to receive life-changing coaching from Selene Negrette, Life coach, certified Angel Intuitive and author of “Not Your Usual Grief Book:”How to Heal while Connecting with your Child who died” and the memoir “Gifts from the Storm: How I learned to trust in Spirit” (written under the pen name, Camila Abbot.)

Selene’s life changed drastically after she lost her son, Christopher, to cancer. What followed was the profound realization that not only was she overwhelmed by her feelings of grief but also, she realized, she had been carrying a heavy burden of pain and hurt since childhood and adolescence. She tried very hard to feel better but nothing ever helped…—Until the day arrived when she felt that she absolutely had to do something about her life; that’s how bad things had gotten for her!

Her son began to give her signs and to leave her messages to let her know that he was around and that he loved her. He came to her in dreams and so, Selene began to realize that those who have died, are much closer to us than we realize. As she allowed herself to recognize that those loving signs and messages were, in fact, from her child, her heart began to heal. What happened next was that she realized that the old childhood and adolescence wounds she had been carrying– pain, resentments, and unforgiveness—needed to be healed. Once she did, a doorway opened up inside of her which made it possible for her to become aware of the Angels around her; and she began to communicate with them and follow their guidance in her life. Needless to say, that experience change her life forever!

Selene’s seventeen-year professional experience as a hospice social worker and her gifts as an Angel Intuitive have combined with the lessons she learned from her loss, to make her a very powerful and well-rounded teacher. She has created this VIP course with the Angels in order to share with you the same specific practices, steps and tools she herself discovered and learned to apply, overlong, hard years of inner work. Through these, she was finally able to heal her relationship with her own body, her mind, her emotions and transformed her grief which prepared her to finally be able to recognize and follow the messages that the Angels were giving her. She wants to give YOU the shortcut to moving through your grief and transforming your life so that you don’t have to go through the same long process as she did. This special course is rich with Selene’s wealth of knowledge from personal experience but is then supercharged by the pure vibrations of the team of Angels she has worked with to create all aspects of this course—which exponentially increases the healing potential for anyone who purchases it. She calls it her VIP course because it also provides you with weekly support calls with her so that you can receive the guidance you need in order to maximize your learning and as a BONUS, you will also receive your own deck of Angel cards for you to use during the course and in the future.

Selene wants to tell you that YOU TOO can move through your grief and change your life in the process by going deep to uncover and heal the wounds that have been weighing you down and blocking you from having a better experience in life. If you are grieving the loss of someone dear to you, are feeling desperately unhappy and know deep in your heart that you MUST do something to improve the way that you feel and the way you live your life, this 8-week course can help you! It will go deeper—than ANYTHING you have tried before— to the root causes of your blocks so you can heal your relationship with your body, your mind, your emotions and transform your grief in the process. Having accomplished that necessary step to prepare you to connect with the Angels, it will teach you how to recognize, trust and follow the guidance and subtle messages the Angels give you so that your life can be transformed for the better!

This course is very well suited for anyone who is grieving the loss of a loved one because it will not only help you recognize and receive the messages that your loved one is leaving for you but it will teach you how to use those messages; that connection to healing your grieving heart.

If you feel that you’ve tried everything you can imagine to help you move through your grief and improve your life and the way you feel about it and nothing has worked, this is the course for you! It provides you with the practices, rituals, tools and the special Angel visualizations that you need to help you heal and improve your life in a step-by-step 8-week process, full of personalized support. Actually, it will help you to not only improve your life but to completely transform it! It gives you the perfect blueprint to use, and teaches you how to map out the life that your future self is going to live: a life more wonderful than anything you could have ever imagined!

If you are interested in learning more about how to register for this course, click on this link to watch Selene’s video and registration information:

You can also email Selene with any questions about the course at selenenegretteauthor@yahoo.com or PM her on FB @spiritwhispersselene. Her phone number is 859.797.3919.

Selene is a Life coach, certified Angel Intuitive and social worker. As a result of losing her oldest son to cancer, she experienced a profound spiritual transformation which has led her to dedicate her life to teaching anyone who is grieving how to move through their grief and in the process transform their lives by learning how to go to the root causes of their pain in order to open the door to connecting with the Angels and to allowing their vibration to heal their grieving hearts and to guide them in life.


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