Why Use Tarot?


Back in the 1400’s tarot decks came on the scene and were mostly used for card games. It wasn’t until the mid-1500’s that those studying the occult noticed meanings beyond the pictures on the cards.

Starting in Italy, and moving throughout Europe the cards quickly spread. The first book on tarot was written in 1791 and was titled the “Art of Reading Cards.” Tarot is more widely known as a tool of divination, but other decks also used are ordinary playing cards and oracle decks. Some professional psychics use these decks others do not.

I like tarot because they tell a story. It helps me connect with the person I am reading. It opens up the reader to topics and themes regarding life. There are over 5000 tarot decks in print today. Some decks have 22 cards others have 78. Some professional readers use tarot for direction in reading while others use it to help with their intuition. Regardless of how it is used, reading tarot is not an easy thing to learn. It takes time and study as well as psychic ability to interpret the meaning of the card for each client we read. For example, many people fear the “Death” card when death in tarot can often just mean the ending to something. It rarely means physical death.

Many prefer a tarot reading over a psychic reading but without the “psychic” tarot is just some cards with pictures. At Michigan Psychic Fair, we have a variety of “card” readers. Some read Gypsy cards, a few read playing cards, and some read Tarot and Angel Oracle. We also have mediums who do not read cards, and we have those mediums that do both. Regardless, of the type of reading you receive at our fairs; know that each of our readers is screened for accuracy and professionalism. Each one of our readers is continually working at building their gifts with classes and study.

If you have never experienced a tarot reading, come out to our fairs and get one from a seasoned professional. You may find this type of reading covers more of a broad spectrum of your life. For further information on our fairs and our readers go to www.michiganpsychicfair.org


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