How to Read Oracle Cards: Feeling the Feels


Reading Oracle cards can feel like a big mystery. In my intuitive workshops, people are so amazed when they find out that they can actually get accurate information from the cards. Everyone has a method. We all have a unique combination that makes up our intuitive gift. Some of us are clairsentient, which means, clear feeling. In fact, a lot of us are clairsentient and we don’t know it. Do you find yourself avoiding busy malls and supermarkets until nighttime? Would you rather shop during slow traffic times? If so, you could be a ‘clear feeler’ as we sometimes call it. Avoiding noisy places is a preference of clairaudients, or clear hearers as well, but we are going to stick with those of us who feel very deeply.

Clairsentients are basically empaths. They can take on the emotions and feelings of others. It comes naturally to them as if they are supposed to. They think to themselves, doesn’t everyone do that? Isn’t that what you do when you care about someone? If you really think it through, taking on someone else’s emotions and troubles won’t help them. Listening with compassion and observing what is happening for them is very helpful and allows them to process their emotions.

You might hear ‘woo-woo’ people as they often call us, recommend cutting the cord or pulling it. The ties that bind have emotion running down that line back to the clairsentient. They then wonder, why does my head hurt? Why do I have a stomach ache out of nowhere? Empathic people just naturally absorb other’s stuff. It’s almost as if they digest and process for others. Eventually, it can catch up to them. We all go through ups and downs. Feeling down when you have no reason to could be the energy of someone else close to you.

There are four main ways we get intuitive guidance. Psychometry is another method, often used along with other intuitive modes. It is the practice of getting intuitive information about someone by holding an object or photograph that belonged to them. Even then, the reader, if they are predominantly clairsentient, will get feelings first. Pictures and thoughts could come next, or they might actually hear a voice. Clear feelers will be struck by the emotions they get from the cards. They might say, “I feel like this card is saying this…,” or, “This card makes me feel happy or melancholy….”

Sounds pretty crazy right? It’s crazy cool actually! Our intuition is one of our natural senses. We are constantly sizing things up and getting information. We just don’t give it much thought. When you walk into a room your senses and your intuition are sizing it up. Clear feelers will decode by checking into how a room feels. They might say the weekend party was heavy, and everyone seemed like they were tired. Or, they might comment that as soon as they walked in, they felt good and excited to see everyone. Clairvoyants, the clear seers, would notice how the room was decorated and how it was set up visually. They would notice how an oracle card looked first, rather than how it felt, visually taking in colors, symbols, and images.

So when you are playing with your oracle card deck, see if you feel the feels. If so, that’s a huge key for you.


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