Stone of the Month: Sunstone


Sunstone is a feldspar with inclusions of hematite or goethite that give it its orange glow. Moonstone and labradorite are also feldspars. I use sunstone often in the crystal healing that I do; its sunny radiant light breaks up and removes all blockages. Emotionally, sunstone’s cheery, sunny energy alleviates stress and depression.

Sunstone benefits all our chakras by cleansing, energizing and freshening each one. If you have a blocked chakra, hold one piece of sunstone on the chakra for 5-10 minutes; the pressure from your hand activates sunstone’s energies removing the block, cleansing and energizing the chakra.

Sunstone is great for empaths. It is protective and dissipates energetic cords. It enhances our leadership qualities, lending its strength to all situations.

On the physical level, sunstone alleviates sore throats, rheumatism, ulcers and stomach issues. Sunstone works great with moonstone, balancing our yin/yang masculine/feminine qualities, bringing a gentleness to its radiant light.

We’re all here to work on our acceptance, love, and confidence in self. Too often we do not stop and give ourselves credit for all we accomplish and go through. This is a real disservice to ourselves because we’re not taking our power when we do this. I remind my clients and students how important it is to stop for a minute, congratulate yourself and say, “Look what I just did! That was hard but I did it!” When we do this we begin to see how truly powerful we are, and when we encounter the next hurdle we will have these experiences that we can use as tools to say, “Yes! Look how strong and powerful I am.”

Here is a simple meditation you can use with sunstone, to strengthen your leadership qualities.
Prepare for meditation; hold the sunstone on your solar plexus chakra, located 2 finger widths above your belly button.

Our solar plexus chakra is our chakra that governs our will, strength, power, and confidence. Now think of a situation where you feel powerless or have given your power away. Sometimes co-workers or family members try to take advantage of us.

See the situation in your mind’s eye. Take three deep breaths. This time, think of the same situation but now think about what you would do differently so that you’re not giving your power away. See yourself being your true, confident, powerful self, saying no when the person tries to take advantage of you. See your confident powerful self-talking, walking and acting differently so they cannot take advantage of you.

Think of times when you are strong, confident and powerful.

Continue feeling your strengths, leadership qualities, confidence and power building deep within you, until you feel confidence radiating from deep within.


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