If Dogs Could Talk


In truth, dogs do talk! If you listen carefully with your heart and soul, you can understand them quite clearly. As a ‘dog whisperer’, here is what I hear from dogs that they want to say to their people:


I love you! I love you more than I can contain. I love you to the end of time with all my heart and being. You could be better at receiving love, so I am here to help you learn. I need you to pay attention so I can love you more!

I feel your pain and sadness; let it go; I will take it from you. Come sit beside me and let me hold you and comfort you. Feel my softness, look into my eyes and see my kind spirit speaking to you of unconditional love. Let me be home to you; you are my home. I am here for you.

When you are angry, I don’t like that, but I love you. Go ahead and let it out, and then you will feel better. I forgive you for your unpleasantness. I am here for you when you are ready to return to your gentler self.

You worry too much; it is not good for you. When you are too stressed out, come play with me! I will make you laugh.

You need to take a walk, let your inner animal out! Here is my leash; I will take you with me. Step outside, sniff the air – it is fragrant with life and energy. Feel the sun on your back, it is delicious and warm. Wag your tail, it will make you smile all the way down to your toes!
I love you – you are precious to me – you are the most important person in the world.


Dogs are amazing people. Many dogs have a special gift in their soul construction, which allows a higher spirit to act through them; so some dogs become vessels for our spirit guides to enter our lives in physical form. Many other pets will do this also, but dogs are the best at pure unconditional love. It is their forte. For thousands of years dogs have been human soul companions through life, reminding us of the kindness that exists within us, and teaching us of unconditional love. They help us care for another even when we are inclined to isolate or retreat into bitterness. They keep our hearts’ open and sweeten us.

Dogs are innately forgiving. Some people think they are tough, but they are extremely tender-hearted. When wounded in spirit and soul they can have PTSD and develop bad behaviors. Some bring these wounds from previous lifetimes and so come into this one with challenges. But dogs also heal more quickly and easily than any other type of client I have worked with. With help they can regain their true spirit and lovingness. A dog’s naturally enlightened consciousness can be extremely grateful for healing, and may become capable of loving even deeper than before their wounding.

When you welcome a dog into your life, you are opening your heart to a great love! Some people knowing how special dogs can be, go out of their way to rescue dogs from traumatic situations. Some of these dogs, finding themselves safe and loved again, become so loyal and passionate in their love that they are the very best dogs ever! Some rescues are deeply damaged and need healing. It is a gift to be allowed to help such a one recover and re-discover their joy and wholeness.

There is no being that expresses joy better than a dog! Giving your dog your full attention, they will remind you of the innocent joy you hold within, and teach you to love like a child – without inhibition; something that tends to get squeezed out of us by life.

A dog’s lifespan is shorter than ours, and having opened us to love, they then leave us. Remember when this happens, that they would want you to be happy. They have been teaching you of unconditional love, and it exists within you too. Embrace within yourself the qualities you learned from your dog and carry those into your life in memory of that one who loved you so much. Know that they will return to you one day, if you ask them to, bringing your spirit guides with them into a new dog body. The new dog would have to have the right qualities to do so, but it has happened many times that people find a rescue dog or a puppy that is the perfect vessel for their own spirit guides to express through. It is a miraculous joy when this happens.

This is my “Ode to Dogs” . . . I hope you have enjoyed it!


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