Inner Shifts Bring Outer Change


It is true that, when we make those difficult to achieve inner shifts, outer changes often occur, apparently magically and without effort. This is because we are constantly radiating our energies out into the world. By both the law of physics and the all-pervasive law of karma, action and reaction are opposite and equal. This means that what we give out – whether it is love and kindness or jealousy and anger – comes back to us in full measure. “What goes around comes around” is a modern slang as well as a timeless truth. It is when we make an inner shift that our external environment and circumstances change.

Let’s face it; it’s not easy to change. We like things as they are, even if the things we like are holding us back. It is usually the case that we wait and wait until finally, we realize we have no other option.

Perhaps it is our relationships that are the problem. They seem to go nowhere, causing us to feel resentful, angry and trapped. We are forever changing partners until one day it starts to dawn on us that perhaps we are the problem. Perhaps it is our anger or our resentment that is hurting our relationships. We realize that it is our attitude that needs to change rather than the other person. We take the initiative and make a change by learning the common lessons of all successful relationships – thoughtfulness, love, and compromise. Then, suddenly, as if by magic, people start being nice, helpful and loving towards us apparently without any effort on our part!

I tell my astrology clients that the best way to create the life they want is to make those inner shifts. It is not always a popular message but it works. Try it for yourself!

We are constantly radiating out into the world. When we make a change, however small it is, our total vibratory rate changes. Then, that changed vibration, which is the new you or the new me, is broadcast out to the world. Every second of every hour or every day, we are making a personality imprint on the ethers. When we make a change in attitude or approach, our imprint changes in that degree.

Because the law of karma states that action and reaction are opposite and equal, this action we have taken then causes a reaction. This causes a shift so that inevitably different conditions and people will then be attracted back to us. It may be instantaneous or it may take lifetimes but at the right time, the changes will come. The internal changes we make cause the external conditions to change, allowing blockages to be removed.

I know these things are true because I have experienced them in my own life as well as seen them manifest in the lives of others. As an astrologer, I have consulted with many people who are dissatisfied with their lives. Using their unique astrological make-up, I am able to give suggestions and timelines that will help them make important inner changes at the right time for the best effect. These inner changes, however small, cause a shift in all sorts of external conditions, whether they are relationships, career or family matters. This is the beauty of astrology and it does work. I love the fact that this inter-relationship between us and the cosmos — the macrocosm and the microcosm — is helping us move towards our destinies, deeper into love. We have all had experiences of this type of change, I am sure.

Sometimes external change helps us make inner changes. Suddenly, someone will telephone us out of nowhere bringing an opportunity or an invitation, and we feel better and more positive. Our life seems to speed up and, after what seemed like a lull or dull period, things begin happening quickly one thing after another. It is as if suddenly we are in the right place at the right time! This is an indication that we are embracing a positive phase of our karmic pattern and it is important during these times to be open to opportunities when they come.

Be honest enough to see if you have any ossified places; any bits within you that are a fearful or resisting change in some way. If so, shake yourself free a bit, loosen up your limbs and strengthen your heart. This will keep you limber during times of change and help you to remain balanced.
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