Living From Inspiration Versus Perspiration


A joyfully productive, prosperous life, comes from an inward surrender. Your actions and words gain the power of God/Universe when they are resting in a yielding quietude. Are you ready to live from inspiration, versus perspiration?

Accomplish great things…yet “do” nothing? Yes!!

How often have you seen yourself fight a circumstance to see it go nowhere? We have to lovingly remind ourselves that all the worry and racing does not help. Too often, a lack of self-awareness is causing a person to take 100 steps when maybe only 8 are needed to accomplish the goal. Or tragically, you may have seen for yourself, that believing 100 steps were needed…caused you to not even try.

Mother Teresa is quoted as saying, “The moment I think I am the ‘do-er’ I am in trouble.” Is this perspective what empowered her to help millions? Zen master Thich Nhat Hahn has meditatively walked in war zones between North and South Korea while bullets were flying; yet remained untouched. He described that he simply “remained in the mindfulness of non-doing.”

These two perspectives: “I need to get things done” versus “participate in the flow” will cause you to live two totally different realities.

Our “clever” minds’ would like us to believe we manage the entire universe. This perspective is the source of worry, suffering, and despair.

Yes…you are a whole expression of the Infinite.

Yes…you are made in God’s image.

Yes…you have the power to co-create your day. Albeit, the prefix “co” is crucial. “Co” means mutual or joint venture. You are here to co-create with the Divine, and express your gifts in service, in only the way you can. We ALL have gifts. We have a choice to be a co-creator with Life or a consumer.

Manifesting your dreams.

Your thoughts and feelings co-create your life. As you see what you want…ask, “What must I become to align with this vision?” Then it’s time to get to do the inner work baby! What you believe, is the life you will live. However, the river of Grace or Good is already done for you. Your job is to cultivate within you the qualities that aligned you with your dream. You don’t have to push the river.

One of my teachers, Dr. Beckwith, describes meditation as, “Touching reality without trying to get anything from it.” We have a choice. We can move from the Reality of Oneness, Prosperity, and Grace…or we can move anxiously like a squirrel trying to avoid traffic. Start meditating daily. Even five minutes can help. Then, as you establish this practice, go deeper. Use (or learn about) tools of self- acceptance, and clearing limiting beliefs. You will discover an amazing person underneath.

What reality do you want to live in?

There is so much beauty waiting to be found within you. The paradox is ‘try to make something of yourself’ and you lose yourself. The process of becoming who you are is a process of letting go. As you let go and clear the weeds, then you cultivate the soil (qualities that align with your dream). BECAUSE the truth of who you are is already whole, and already prosperous…real healing is simply remembering what is already within you. You are not sick, broken or poor.

Manifestation requires you to tune your inner radio station into the qualities that align with what you want. The limiting thoughts about yourself, are just static on the radio station. Static is not real. The beauty, wisdom, and abundance that you were created to be are Real. It awaits your inward surrender. Be willing to allow these qualities to flow through you, and you will get to experience your True Self.

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