Stop Repeating Painful Cycles


Ever notice how we tend to be around the same type of people, workspaces, and relationships — especially when they bring us pain? And, have you ever thought about why our Creator brings these experiences to us… apparently over and over? Could it be that these painful experiences are there to teach us. Kinda like when we were kids in school, and the teacher kept giving us the same lesson over and over, perhaps with different wording or teaching styles until we could grasp the concepts. In essence, we ease the pain by growing through them, the wounds, and learning our lessons. The pain is just a wake-up call to learn something different and grow through a wound so we can make different choices, see things from a different perspective — a higher perspective.

So, what happens after we think we grasp the concept? Have that “ah-ha” moment? After we think we’ve learned our lesson, do we see things in a different light and make the decision to make different choices next time? We get a test to discover what we’ve truly learned and integrated within our being. And, we have the opportunity to retake the test until we pass.

Most experiences which are cyclic tend to be from our own wounds which are painful, and produce an energetic vibration to attract and let in those circumstances which will wake us up and help us learn new lessons that can help us heal those wounds. And then, the universe will give you plenty of opportunities to demonstrate you’ve learned your lessons and healed your wounds.

The “karmic” or energetic cycles tend to end once we have learned our lessons and grown through our own wounds connected with those lessons. Remember, some of these wounds created habits that we can become mindful of and change, creating healthier, loving and connected new habits guided by our higher selves so that the tests end as your energetic vibrations rise and become attuned to the new you. If we happen to fall back into our earlier ways of thinking, behaving and reacting, pain enters our lives, our energetic vibration changes to a lower one and we will get another test, or lesson to remind us of our own healing and new ways of mindful being.

So, the next time you find yourself in a similar painful situation that you are somehow repeating, take that breath, feel the gratitude for the lesson and go to work on yourself. Become mindful of what your lessons may be, the wounds to heal, and raise your vibration to get out to that energetic cycle. Be grateful for all the opportunities our Creator gives us to demonstrate to ourselves we’ve healed our wounds, learned our lessons and raised our energy to become more like the Creator’s energy, more in the Creator’s very image of love and light.


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