“The Star Children” Characteristics & Traits

I am not a supporter of labeling people according to their abilities, or characteristics, although to properly convey the meaning behind this article, I need to establish a classification to which these children belong.

“The Star Children” have been designated into three different categories: the Indigo child, Crystal child and Rainbow baby. They have come to the world to build a new foundation of peace and harmony with a strong determination and energy. These children are not better, wealthier, healthier or smarter than any other child. They came with a purpose to assist the movement into a new world. One of the ways The Star children have been determined is through their apparent differences in their Auras. The Indigo child has a heavier preponderance of dark blues and purples. Crystal children have a clearer more transparent Aura and the Rainbow babies, as their name suggests, have an Aura that shimmers with varying colors.

I heard of The Star Children through my research and have compiled a better knowledge of their importance. It has provided me with an understanding to the chaos that has happened over the last 50 years. The intense restructuring and reassessment of our traditions, occupations, and gender has influenced the planet into realignment. The more intrigued I became, the more I read.

My findings are such:

Star children have and are arriving in waves. These children will have and have had a particular influence or impact on their generation. The Indigos gave birth to the Crystal children. Rainbow children proceeded after being born from an Indigo or Crystal parent.

These children tend to be on the edge, pushing the boundaries of acceptability set by previous generations. They are very respective of the earth and are seeking to rebuild it to its natural state of harmony, peace and compassion.

The Indigo Children

The Indigo children have been born for over 100 years, though the biggest insertion appeared in the 1950s, 60s and into the 70s. They came to break down the barriers and change the paradigms of traditional thinking.

Each generation makes way for the next to come; although any of these children can and do come when they are needed to effect change.

Indigos are rebellious and have little tolerance for unfairness. They have created new paths and systems to current archetypes established by their peers. They are leaders in their own right. As warriors, they break down old and useless rules and stereotypes. They are here to re-create a new form of government, education, business practice and to inform the world of options to their current situation. The Indigo child is determined and a bit stubborn at times. They have little tolerance for manipulation or untruths as they can see through a fake facade. They are level headed and productive in nature.

Characteristics of Indigo Children

– Creative and unafraid of new ideas
– Have a strong will – stubbornness
– Have problems with authority when leading a group through a traditional method that will not promote the group forward
– Have high expectations of self and others
– Driven, change makers and can get frustrated when others do not see the big picture.
– Intuitive, perceptive, highly psychic
– Passionate and focused
– Despite being a rebel, they need clear boundaries and structure while growing up
Can become insecure

The Next were the Crystal Children

They came in the 1980s to approximately 2010; there are a few Crystal children being born at this time.

They are continuing the change from the Indigo and beginning to build a new foundation on the reset paradigms.

A large portion of the Crystal children share a physical trait; large luminous or changing color eyes. They often feel to others as ‘old souls’. They came to establish a new way of life in harmony in the new paradigm.

These children have an energetic spirit and are very connected to the earth. They like to be outside and enjoy the earth in many different aspects. They came to teach with compassion, tolerance, patience, and gentleness. They are in-tune with energy although too much exposure will affect them physically as well as mentally. Crystal children are very sensitive and can experience sensory overload; they can get confused within serious conversations and relationships. They can be somewhat immature for their chronological age — ‘late developers’, which means communication and empathic feeling for others will take time to develop.

Characteristics of Crystal Children

– Born to at least one Indigo adult
– Touchy-feely, emotionally charged they also enjoy solitude
– Make decisions based on intuition and feelings
– Often have allergies & sensitivities
– Are good counselors, trainers and mediators
– Are often musically inclined or can get soothed from music
– Connect with children & animals
– They like to wear comfortable clothing, not concerned with fashion
– They often feel overwhelmed in crowded places
– Are healers or have a calming presence
– Sometimes labeled as being ‘on the spectrum’ because they are so self-contained
– Affectionate, sweet natured and even tempered
– Talk late in childhood and have problems with new school concepts
– They may have been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome or Autism

Now come the Rainbow Babies

Rainbow children in the 1990s through today with the purpose to heal and rebalance humanity and the planet.

Rainbow children will complete the foundational work they will also help in the peace and harmony of a new form of world order.

They are truth seekers and will be able to reflect our distorted values back at us. Their full value is not totally discovered as we are working to get to know them better over these few decades. They will feel or seem ‘different’ with a clear view of their short term goals.

These children have a higher vibration than the rest of humanity and are examples of true potential. They will bring gender fluidity; they will not want to be categorized or contained, as they are here to serve others. In their reincarnation, they bring very little karma from previous lifetimes into this one. They can easily express their emotions and will not let negative energy bring them down for long.

Rainbow’s can be the offspring of at least one Crystal or Indigo parent, which will provide them with a knowledge base to spring from. This child is rare and will come to know their abilities when they are needed the most. They will be completing what the Indigo and Crystal babies have put into place.

Rainbow Children Characteristics

– Often appear to be in their own world and on their own journey
– They can be moody, and then quickly be loving and generous
– They have a ‘will of steel’ and are very determined
– They will pick up their chin and flow through and withstand hardship
– Many have telepathic abilities with extraterrestrials and other Rainbow children
– High energy, both physically and mentally
– Pretty eyes, similar to Crystal eyes
– Gender-fluid
– Incredibly empathetic
– Not judgmental and don’t care what people think of them

The Rainbow children will feel loss at times requiring help to move through the world. They can place a negative spin on their life and existence, as they are telepathic and receiving an abundance of input.

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About the writer: Nancy Lynn

Nancy Lynn is a gifted medium, able to speak with spiritual guides and those who have crossed over. Her mission is to help people reconnect to their own spiritual insight and to their own unique gifts. She provides information on areas of concern in the present that need attention. Nancy founded "Opening to Enlightenment" which provides workshops, training, and self-help sessions that cover a variety of topic areas. She is excited about the opportunity to help you on your journey of personal growth and enlightenment. Visit Nancy’s web site at www.nancyote.com to obtain further information about workshops, spirit fests and future events, or email her at [email protected]

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