Healing Your Heart with the Angels


Selene is a Life coach, certified Angel Intuitive and social worker. As a result of losing her oldest son to cancer, she experienced a profound spiritual transformation which led her to dedicate her life to teaching anyone who is grieving how to move through their grief and in the process transform their lives. She guides those she teaches to get to the root causes of their pain in order to heal their grieving hearts.

Her 8-week course, “Heal Your Heart with the Angels” begins on 4/26/18

If you are grieving the loss of someone dear to you, are feeling desperately unhappy and know deep in your heart that you MUST do something to improve the way that you feel and the way you live your life, this 8-week course can help you! It will go deeper—than ANYTHING you have tried before— to the root causes of your blocks so you can heal your relationship with your body, your mind, your emotions and transform your grief in the process. Having healed those areas, Selene teaches you to connect with your intuition so that you can recognize not only the signs your loved is leaving for you but also the signs and subtle messages that the Angels give you to help you in life. In the end, your experience of life will be transformed for the better.

If you’d like more information about this course or about working with Selene, email her at selenenegretteauthor@yahoo.com, private message her on FB@spiritwhispersselene or contact her at 859.797.3919. Her website is https://selene-negrette.mykajabi.com/


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