Stress – Fact or Fiction


By Bill Helton

It is said that ninety-percent of all diseases are derived from stress. What is stress? Stress is defined as “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances”. The world as we know it seems to be under the finger of this acid forming word. Stress, when under its leadership on a continual basis, can destroy relationships, jobs, as well as produce harm, and over time, can damage the organs of the BODY. Mental stress is formed from a belief system gone rogue. The guilt, shame, anger and resentment, collectively speaking, maintains a direct phone line to the ONE who cannot leave the past alone. The future is already written for those who cannot help from repeating such redundant patterns.

Stress is not all bad and carries an important role in regards to a ‘flight or fight’ situation when faced with danger. But to live in a soup of negative hormones twenty-four hours a day will for certain bring about physical and emotional challenges. Learn to work with stress rather than against it. A sense of balance is of great importance in order to maintain homeostasis. Compassion and understanding must be an attribute that guides all inner traffic.

Mental stress is often produced from misinformed data that ONE holds to be their truth. This formed belief system becomes the template, foundation, that all stories begin to be told from. This mental databank is the recipient to all unwanted behaviors and actions. Yes, ONE can delete old files but to truly make sure it is erased NEW information must replace it. A thirst for learning is required and should be desired. Without a yearning to understand what you have allowed to hold you back, the future trail will go cold and the old tape recorder will be heard again.

PURPOSE. Inspiration is the driving force behind PURPOSE that can literally rewrite the past. Once endowed with such a feeling, a shift of hormones from the endocrine system begins to trade places. From adrenaline (lack of) to dopamine (purpose). This comes from reevaluating that which no longer serves the NEW you.

Persons. Places. Things. They will appear to challenge your yesterdays at every intersection; maintain consistency in your NEW belief/s. The possibilities and probabilities will rise to your favor with every breath inhaled and exhaled. Traveling to places of peace and tranquillity no longer need to be of service. To find independence from the past, ONE must believe in the future. This can happen no matter where ONE is currently located. FEEL the moment. LIVE the moment. OWN the moment
Peace is NOW and LOVE has always been and will BE … stress-FREE.

Always my Best! William Helton


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