Balance of Femininity and the Universe


There is a universal, intelligent, life force that exists within everyone and everything. It resides within each one of us as a deep wisdom, an inner knowing. We can access this wonderful source of knowledge and wisdom through our intuition, an inner sense that tells us what feels right and true for us at any given moment. Shakti Gawain

Let us look closely at our earth — all of nature is filled with femininity (hence, mother nature!). The earth balance is feminine. This balance does not imply masculinity is absent. Know that all humans no matter the gender, women and men, have both attributes.

Mother’s Day is near, and I can’t help but recall my mother’s words of wisdom on life, people, politics, relationships, and being a woman. One thing my mom would repeatedly say, “Know that your femininity and intellect can be your strength or weakness, so use it wisely.” I incorporate into my life my mother’s words of wisdom as I evolve into the person I am today and will become.

Somewhere in history femininity lost its power-presence. We lost the key to our true self. In some cultures throughout the world, femininity was invisible and non-essential. In this millennia, the feminine presence is again gaining its place of power-presence. We are recognized and visible only when we recognize ourselves, and come to know that we were born with divine power and strength. As Marianne Williamson penned, “New things lie in store for the earth, and one of them is us. Womanhood is being recast, and we’re pregnant, en masse, giving birth to our own redemption.” The natural balance in our universe is evolving. In 2009 the Dalai Lama stated that Western women will save the world.

As our femininity is taking on a new role, using our evolving responsibility with our innate guiding principles – principles of love, caring, fairness, truth, and compassion, we can transform the planet. Marianne Williamson wrote in, A Woman’s Worth, “There is holiness in the air today; modern priestesses appear to be universal. They are who we are, for they are us: friends, therapists, artists, businesswomen, teachers, healers, mothers, and sisters. We have a new calling.” It’s a time for women to gather (we see it more and more every day), and share energy and pray together and heal the world.

Around the world numbers are ever-increasing for female leaders, both in government and corporations. History tells us of impactful movements and changes that were made for the good of all people, influenced by a woman (as a wife, sister, mother of a great male leader, or sitting at the table of power ourselves). We bring meaning to our existence once we establish who we are at our core.


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