There are so many misunderstandings about vitamins, that it is well-known that much false information is present. One such VERY misunderstood vitamin is Vitamin C.

Our government rates Vitamin C by the amount of Ascorbic Acid it contains. Well, let me enlighten you. Ascorbic Acid is merely a COMPONENT of the Vitamin C Complex. Matter of fact, I bet a very few of you have even heard of Vitamin C being referred to as a Complex, like Vitamin B is a complex. But, Vitamin C is a complex as well.

The Ascorbic Acid is only a small component of the Vitamin C Complex. It is the antioxidant portion, which is the preservative and protective part of the C Complex. While this is as nature intended and totally healthy, how would you like to just eat a preservative and miss the food it is preserving? Sounds pretty ridiculous, right? Well, it is!

Bioflavonoids (formerly known as P factors) keep our blood vessels strong. The P stands for permeability, or the ability of things to pass through a membrane — not so good when we’re talking about blood vessels! How would you like a little permeability in your brain? That is pretty frightful, but that is an example of what we’re dealing with here.

When our blood vessels break down too easily, it is because they’ve become too permeable. Common, less threatening examples are bruising easily or bleeding gums while brushing teeth. These
things are a less severe case of the bleeding that occurs in a stroke. While it can be a very long way along the spectrum to a stroke, you can probably see it is kind of important, to say the least, and maybe, just maybe, it would be wise to take care of it. Don’t you think?

Vitamin K is another part of the Vitamin C Complex. This is what helps our blood clot properly so we don’t bleed out. Vitamin K is also abundant in Chlorophyll. Oh, wonderful Chlorophyll…another amazing blessing from nature. That is a whole other topic, but let me give you this little tidbit: Chlorophyll and Hemoglobin (our carrier of oxygen throughout our body) are nearly identical molecules, only differing in their central atom. Chlorophyll has Magnesium, and Hemoglobin has Iron as their central atom. For this reason, deep green leafy foods made into a puree can greatly help the person who has lost a lot of blood; the body easy builds blood from it, especially if there are adequate iron stores in the body.

There is so much more I would like to tell you about Vitamin C Complex. If you would like to learn more, I am happy to mail you more information if you request it at my email address: Please indicate if you prefer email or snail mail (via post office) and indicate your contact information. I hope you enjoyed the article and found it helpful.

To your health, wellness and joy every day in every way!

Sherry Yale, D.C.


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