Crystals to Strengthen Masculine Energy


Certain crystals can balance our feminine and masculine qualities as well as individually strengthen them. I use these crystals when people are struggling seeing or to be their highest, truest selves. The stones help give us a little nudge or a push in the right direction.

Masculine energy is expansive, confident, strong, determined, problem-solving and powerful. It wants to help and not much can get in its way. Our sun generates a lot of masculine energy and the earth is its counterpart in balancing them with her feminine energies.

To use these crystals you only need one. The easiest way to enhance your positive masculine traits is by keeping them on you in your aura; this way the energies being transmitted by the crystals will fill your cells, chakras, and auras. Our planet has been out of balance with masculine energies for a long time, but changes are occurring for a better balance between both.

Here are some stones you can use to strengthen your positive masculine qualities. Gold and green calcite breaks up and clears blockages in all our chakras; its radiant golden energies are like the light of the sun. It also helps strengthen our confidence, spontaneity, and will. Carnelian anchors us in the present, enhances vitality and motivation in making positive successful life choices, and helps us follow through on projects.

Citrine carries the frequency of the sun. It transmutes lower vibrational energies into positive. It regenerates, is protective, enhances creativity and concentration, cleanses all our chakras and balances our solar plexus chakra, enhancing our self-worth. It generates acceptance and confidence, helping us to take our power. Citrine also alleviates depression, negative traits, and fears.

Garnet is a stone that has a lot of energy and is excellent when used during times of stress or trauma because it supplies us with the strength we need to get through tough times. It cleanses and re-energizes all of our chakras, helps us remember past lives, releases ingrained patterns and balances the pituitary gland.

One of the green tourmaline’s main properties besides healing is to strengthen and enhance our positive masculine qualities. It dispels fears, strengthens openness, compassion, patience, helps us see the infinite number of possibilities life offers and attracts prosperity.

Hematite aids in journeying, stimulates yang energy, restores peace and harmony to body, mind, and spirit, clears meridians, and is also protective and grounding. Sunstone’s warming, cheerful energies clears all of our chakras. It enlivens joy of life, allows one to shine one’s own light, enhances confidence, is protective, brings in light, is an antidepressant and reverses feelings of failure.

Tigers eye grounds spiritual energies and stimulates our kundalini. When placed on the third eye chakra it strengthens our psychic abilities and integrates both hemispheres of the brain.


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