Our Bodies are Sacred


By Leslie Blackburn

When we start to recognize and meet the inherent needs of our body, our body meets us back with the greatest gifts.

We are Infinite Beings in Finite form. In other words, an energetic being in a physical body, or some may say a spiritual being having a human experience. I invite, there is a gift in being both: Energetic Being and Physical Body. I call it YES AND! Firstly, in the energetic/etheric realms, we can make life changes in mere seconds of clock time and tap into the wide mystery and open new capacities of our bodies. This is amazing! Secondly, we get to be in a physical body, wow! We get to delight in sensory experiences, connect with energy in our body and delight in relating with other beings: with humans, nature, animals, plants, Earth, Sun and more.

Relating to these beings is how we learn and transform. Acknowledging the inherent connection between what is spiritual, sacred and intentional not being separate from what is physical, rooty and sexual – this is the nature of the path of Sacred Sexuality.

Indeed from a shamanic perspective, as an energetic being, we only grow when we are incarnate – here in physical form. I believe this growth and transformation is the very reason we are here on this planet. We are shifting our consciousness together! This very nature of our energetic being – our consciousness laying into form, really woke up for me when a few things came together.

In addition to this etheric awareness that came to me only much later, I’m also a science geek. My background with a BS & MS in Mechanical Engineering and 15 years in corporate engineering is still there. I used to think I was going to shove that part away, as I had a Spiritual Awakening and was reconnecting with so many facets of my Self and art and creative possibilities and stepping into my journey as Sacred Sexual Healer and Transformational Guide.

Yet I finally realized that the idea that I was going to shove my science side away was ridiculous, it is a big part of me! That science & engineering geek in me is still really alive. There’s this piece of me that goes “YES!” and soaks in when I can connect with facets where science, in my opinion, has caught up to some of the things I also know through my body and my connection with Spirit and the realm of the other, which is very real!

Part of what I teach and offer is that our connection to our bodies, and what our bodies contain as wisdom, is HUGE! We have the wisdom of the universe within us, each one of us. The key is this: can we learn to trust that wisdom? Can we learn to discern our authentic body wisdom from the places where we have wounding or places of resistance that come in as a way to protect ourselves or other ways that we as humans have shaped based on our experiences?

Often discerning these difference can be challenging, perhaps even some of the greatest human homework of our lifetimes. AND yes we can absolutely trust and listen and acknowledge the wisdom of our bodies as very real.

So when those two things align: what I call the feminine wisdom of deep body awareness and feeling, with the masculine analytic, science, thinking and planning side (note these are not gender references, we all have access to these qualities no matter how we identify in gender), that’s when I really feel aligned with my Truth. When I get a click, when I go “OMG I see how the science aligns with that!” then it tingles even more! I feel a resonance which I know to be clarity and truth, even more strongly when the body wisdom and science come together and make sense.

Embryology is also a piece of that for me. In my Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy training, a three year deep dive into the foundations of that practice, I studied both the science and the esoteric nature of our bodies, including embryology. These studies opened my awareness to the foundations of our nature as beings. One of the pieces of that teaching that really resonated with me was the nature of how we develop – that we are consciousness laying into form. There is the physical: cells divide, we unfurl like spirals in the development process of physical form taking shape. Also, the energetics come in: our soul, our energetic, etheric being lays into that form, we are tethered and connected with the body. The way we proceed to develop and take form gets shaped by our experiences and the fields of awareness that we are held in during that development. As we meet experiences, our physical and energetic bodies take shape in various ways. Sometimes these ways are to protect our little selves from something that doesn’t feel good or to create barriers or distance to help us feel safe. This is not a bad thing, our bodies build up these various layers in a way that best balances our experiences. Think of stuck spots and areas of pain as ways that our vibrancy and life energy are compensating for and centering the impact of experiential forces (traumas, toxins, pathogens, daily stressors) so as to limit their effects on your body.

I invite this way of seeing, to encourage us to be gentle with ourselves as we listen to our bodies. Because sometimes I think we give ourselves a really hard time around labeling these layers as “oh I have this block or tension or pain” which then creates a disdain for the body. Often when we begin to judge our body with the intention of “it’s awful I need to get rid of it, cut it off, or I need to fix it”. Instead, I invite, can we shift the way we relate to our bodies from one of disdain, frustration, and anger; to one of curiosity, wonder, play, and love? Can we invite the awareness of “Oh wow body, I hear what you are communicating!”? Then witness that message, without judging it, do our best to hear it, and invite a new way of meeting the experience to be revealed? As we learn and grow and become resourced in new ways, our bodies are now capable to meet and hold information differently. We CAN change how we hold old layers. This change can feel freeing, healing, spacious and transformational!

At the core of this shift is the awareness that we really can’t separate bodies and physicality from the spiritual awareness that we are also Love. The intention, or loving awareness that we can offer our bodies, is the very nature of what supports the unwinding! When we can acknowledge our physical bodies and our energetic bodies coming together, and recreate our relationship with them, our spiritual awareness – that intention and loving care – really supports and shifts how our physical bodies even exist! Shifting our awareness to loving care quite literally heals and changes our body. As our bodies feel us relating in a new way, they relate back in a new way. This creates what I call this beautiful “Bliss-ious” cycle (not a vicious one!) The cycle looks like this: “As I feel better, then I treat my body better, then as my body gets treated better, it starts to treat me back better, and I feel better!” Oh wow what a beautiful cycle that is!

How do we begin to relate differently with this gift of a physical body?

I used to run my body, push it, drive it and tell it what I think it should do. In the process, I burned out, got injured, hurt and finally crashed in a breakdown. I nearly didn’t make it. As I woke up, I began to listen. Over time, I began listening to what it really wanted and offered that. How can my body and awareness come together to make decisions? Bring the two together! Not shove away rational thought, it’s important too. But our heads run at 99 mph, and our bodies reveal in a slower pace. I invite it starts with slowing way down and listening. Can we bring balance and listen to the innate wisdom of the body along with what our rational minds have to say?

Over years, using my body as a spiritual compass, I reclaimed and recreated my relationship with my body and have opened to ecstatic possibilities that I never knew were possible! I have supported changes in my body and my sexuality that I literally wanted to stand on top of the mountain and shout “Everyone deserves to know about this!!” Now over the past 10 years in my practice, I have supported thousands of others in unwinding past experiences & trauma, reclaiming their bodies and feeling really good about themselves. How do I do that?

Join me!

Put your hands on your lower belly, drop your awareness into your body and speak this out loud:

Sacred Body Pledge

“Dear Sacred Body, I love you. I promise to do my best to Listen to you and to Honor Your Messages. I will make mistakes, and when I do I will be gentle on myself. Please support me on my journey. I am so grateful to you.

Thank you for holding me safely, thank you for your wisdom. I promise to do my best to Listen to you and Honor Your Messages.”

As you feel into this, invite this in your own words to become your mantra!

There are many ways to support listening to the body. Here are a few possibilities as you navigate your journey. Reach out, I am honored to be of service.

• Sacred Sexuality private sessions
• Home study practices
• Videos, Radio Podcasts, Articles and more
• Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Leslie Blackburn, MS, RCST®, Sacred Sexuality Educator, Spiritual Coach, Radio Show Host. Shaman, Priestess, Yogini ~ “Our Bodies Are Sacred, Let’s Listen to Them” See more at www.LeslieBlackburn.com

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