Qualities of a Well-trained Naturopath


What can a well-trained traditional naturopath do for you? They can perform a thorough exam, listen to you carefully, and assess and cross-validate as to the best non-intrusive procedure for your specific situation. They can draw upon their knowledge of healing tools, therapies, and protocols, and design a treatment that aligns with your goals.

Naturopaths have methods and healing techniques that can bring you instant comfort and relief. At other times, they recognize that some conditions require more time and effort to heal, and a good naturopath is able to guide you through that process.

They can discuss with you various conditions they find in your current health situation as well as in your history that you may or may not be aware of and that ‘conventional’ medical doctors might not be addressing, such as nutrition and ways to achieve better health habits.

A well-trained traditional naturopath or clinical herbalist has knowledge and wisdom about herbal and botanical therapies, bodywork, movement, diet, subtle energies, and types of effectively applied therapeutics.

This is all done in the service of supporting the natural vitality of any living body so that healing can take place and even accelerate!

Mary Light ND, MH, LMT


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