The BODY is a messenger.


by Bill Helton

Healing modalities are but 1/10 of the overall equation to become WHOLE again. The majority look for miracles because they want to continue doing what caused their challenge in the first place. If a certain modality does not miraculously cure them some call it bogus. A CHANGE in all aspects of life is crucial in order for a NEW outlook to surface.

There have been those who had suffered from breast cancer who can not seem to let go of the hate they have toward past relationship/s. One may have kidney disease and the FEAR from childhood is not letting them heal. Arthritis is crippling their grip on life because of their controlling nature- let go! Every dis-ease in the BODY is created by a belief and then that belief transforms into an emotion that manifests in the physical.

Every challenge the BODY creates could be the result of an ongoing thought that has not found freedom. The BODY you call YOU is a LIFE recorder. What you have recorded may need to be deleted to receive NEW data.

ONE’s health is in the mind!!

Bill Helton


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