Beneficial ‘At Home’ Remedies


Beneficial ‘At Home’ Remedies
By Mary Light

Here are two more Self Help ideas for using natural methods at home:

FIRE CIDER- Have you heard of this? This general tonic goes back decades into traditional naturopathic annals and is now re-emerging in the holistic community through herbal folks. What does it do? Testimonies from our staff and clients say, “It knocks out a cold”, “It restores breathing during difficult episodes”, and “It alkalizes the body for better digestion.” Children have benefited from it for strengthening their immune system– and me, too.

We make it with 50% apple cider vinegar and 50% actual cider or apple juice, and then add the “hot stuff” (raw peppers, cayenne, horseradish, onion, garlic) to steep for a few weeks. Fire Cider is not proprietary, and there are many valid and effective recipes to be found online, in books, and on YouTube. I like to add dried Michigan cherries for some sweetness and a local twist. An ounce a day– about half of a little dixie cup, for example– is the dose.

PLANTAIN- This is a common plant and easy to identify with a field guide or through the internet. Sometimes each summer, one of our herbal or naturopath students gets stung, and we grab one leaf, chew it, and put the wet poultice of chewed plant material directly on the sting, and it is immediately cooled and relieved. The leaves of this plant are also valued by us for making an infused oil that can easily be made into an ointment, which is also healing.

Here is a link to identify plantain– I bet you already know it!

Mary Light, ND MH LMT


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