Ever Feel Like Life Has You Boxed In!


Your shine is hard to see in a box. The box may feel safe. You may not have been shown how to let your shine be seen in a safe playful way. Or, you may have had people in the past who attacked your shine. This is all true. But keeping your shine locked away (as safe and comfortable as it feels) will eventually cause you to desire death. See, you have the creativity of God within you, the fire of a tiger and the passion of a great poet. Are you done feeling tired every day? It takes more effort to stay in the box than to be the Real You.

Society rewards mediocrity and conformity. However, more people following rules is not what society needs. Society needs fierce love warriors that know how to shine Love in the face of hate and take a stand for something and not against; focusing on what is emerging, versus what you don’t want, is a skill that must be learned. This skill causes you to become the solution and stand as a shepherd to the new emerging paradigm of honoring each other, the earth, nature, food, sexuality, and our bodies.

The earth needs people who know how to give their gift in service. Your gift may not be rewarded by friends or even get 1,000 Facebook likes. We ALL have gifts carefully placed within us by the great maker. We dismiss these gifts because we think ‘our gift’ needs to be on a stage or seen by Oprah to have value. But it’s not true. Our gifts have significance because they exist, regardless of external validation measures.

Letting your gift out takes greater courage than jumping out of an airplane. Why? Because letting these gifts out means breaking out of current identities. We are all unconsciously identified as our past, the roles we play, accomplishments, mistakes, jobs etc. It can be scary to let go of the familiar to embrace something new, even if it is the very thing we have been asking for.

Isn’t it time to break your agreements with mediocrity? I know it is scary. But it is scarier to live as the walking dead. Your awesomeness is underneath everything you “think” you are. You were born amazing. Everything you added after that (anything that contradicts the inherent amazingness that is already within you)…is false. This is why the process of remembering your greatness is a process of letting go. The face that is never born and never dies, waits to be seen. It takes incredible courage to let that face be seen. Yet, when you do, you will finally feel free.

If you have been on this planet more than five years, there is ‘stuff’ to let go of. False beliefs about yourself and about reality can be shed. Forgiveness is an alchemical tool to assist in your process of letting go. The fact is, people hurt people, and your past (good or bad) can keep you from unfolding and shining into the Real You…and, at the same time, the pain of the past can be the very fertilizer you need to shine. The power is in the pain. The pain is the very part of you that needs love.

When you commit to loving whatever arises within you, you feel in your bones how truly loved you are. It is impossible to feel how truly loved you are when you are resisting or judging your feelings. The Real You is eternal, beautiful, wise and creative. Albeit, knowing this You, the Real You, requires looking within and feeling the pain within compassion. Feeling all of your feelings, without adding stories of blame, organically opens you to the Real You. Rising up in power, strength, beauty, and truth, requires going deep within.

You don’t get what you deserve. You get what you expect. Your expectations (ability to hold a positive view and vision for your life) is based on your self-love. Stop believing your limitations. It is impossible to see choices when you are caught in a ‘ping-pong match’ of resistance. The freedom you seek starts with self-acceptance and making the conscious choice to go on a courageous journey of inner exploration.

Walls created to “protect” will become a prison. Self-love–self-acceptance–is a doorway. The kingdom of heaven IS within. It is time to be free. My work can help you get unstuck. Call for information about healing session, groups, training and retreats. I would love to connect with you. Visit: www.BarbraWhite.com or call: 734-796-6690.


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