Maintaining Perfect Health with Crystals


Our physical body can heal easier than most people believe. A perfect example of this is that every seven years, we have all new cells in our body; not a single one is the same that you have now. Our bodies naturally want to be in balance and whole, they are constantly balancing, regenerating and healing themselves. Something being talked about lately is how each of our cells has a memory of our perfect physical health. This can be tapped into through intention at any time to help our body know what it needs to heal itself.

Stones are a great benefit in healing; they balance us on all levels physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. They help us release emotions we may be holding on to, that can block healing energy. Crystals open and align our chakras, allowing for an open flow of energy to our organs, and physical and energetic bodies. They help us meditate, opening us to higher universal guidance and enhancing our psychic abilities. When healing with stones, they activate our cellular memory of our perfect health and relieve pain.

Crystals can be used in a variety of ways due to their many properties, mineral content, and color. Flurorite is excellent for healing; its energy ignites all of our cells to heal. Our bodies can stop functioning at optimal health when we hold on to emotions; these can block healing, regenerative energies from entering our bodies.

Another reason our bodies may not be healing themselves is our beliefs and mass conscious belief systems that we adopt from family, friends, and our surrounding environment. These beliefs can block our bodies from healing, often with us being unaware of it. In my Crystal Healing classes, we will uncover belief systems holding us back from healing, and how we can incorporate various crystals to help our bodies heal and release old beliefs as well as emotions.

We’ll also discuss various stones such as, amethyst, which is an excellent pain reliever and how to use it. We’ll discuss why Bloodstone is also a powerful healer for our bodies because it is excellent when used in stressful times or when the body is under stress. Bloodstone enhances our healing and survival instincts, bringing to us what we need for our bodies to heal and be strong; it also helps us flow with changes instead of resisting them.

Healing naturally works on the root of the issue, using crystals, herbs, oils, affirmations and sound to help us heal and regenerate our bodies with no side effects. Have fun! For more information join our Crystal Healing 101 class that I’m teaching at Bodyworks, July 29, 11am-1pm.


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