Using Crystals to Alleviate Anxiety


Anxiety is caused by a variety of reasons. Unknowingly holding onto old stress or trauma in our energetic bodies can overload our nervous system, as well as financial stress, loss, and being empathic or sensitive to other people’s energies. If at times you don’t feel like socializing, listen to your intuition; it and our body naturally know what is needed to be in harmony.

Our auras, the energy fields that surround our body, extend at least 6-8 feet from our physical body. So, we are always in other people’s auras, picking up their feelings and thoughts, often unaware that we are doing it. If you have ever felt panicky when you’re around a lot of people, most likely you are feeling that way because you are picking up on so many different energies at once and it can cause you to feel overwhelmed, anxious or panicky.

The stone rhodonite helps with panicky feelings; the black mineral in rhodonite is manganese which is good for alleviating muscle cramps, headaches, depression and trauma. It helps to ground excess energies to the earth. Other stones that help alleviate anxiety are blue lace agate, lepidolite, sodalite, amethyst, and kunzite. Any crystals that are smokey or black like obsidian, hematite or tourmaline, are excellent for grounding anxiety and stress to the earth.

There are stones that you can carry on you to help strengthen and protect your aura so that you’re not picking up on so many outside influences, such as hematite, citrine, sodalite, and sunstone. Doctors mention how harmful stress is on our bodies but it’s not stressed enough; short and long-term anxiety can take a toll on us spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally, causing our organs to not function properly. Holding onto emotions and stress can block a healthy energy flow to our vital organs.

Lapis lazuli is great to use for anxiety because of its calming, cooling energies and the pyrite inclusions clear old emotions and all blocks. One of the most valuable tools for anxiety is our breath. Stopping in the moment and taking three deep breaths re-centers us, oxygenates our brain and helps us be in the now. Staying present in the now helps us manage anxiety, and we are less apt to worry or stress about the past or future.

Using crystals can also be a benefit because of their high mineral content which we could be lacking, as well as their working through piezoelectricity. Holding them will activate their properties, bringing you greater peace. For more information about anxiety, the silent plaque, join the workshop being held at “Inn at the Rustic Gate”, in Big Rapids, MI, September 21-23, 2018.

Jennifer Vanderwal has been a Melody Crystal Healing Instructor & Facilitator since 2004. A master of the Usui Tibetan Karuna Seiryoko system of Reiki, she offers readings, spiritual counseling, EFT, teaches crystal healing classes and offers various crystal healing techniques at Bodyworks Healing Center & Journey to Health Chakra.


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