Clairgustance: The Gift of Clear Taste


Clairgustance or ‘clear taste’ is the most unusual of all the psychic phenomena. It allows a person with this gift to taste a substance or food associated with someone or something from the past or present.

This extra-sensory perception (ESP) is sometimes delivered by vapors of air within the mouth that leave the slightest taste of something in the mouth without anything being placed on the tongue. This sense comes out of the blue and only last for a few seconds and then is gone. This ability enables us to receive information from the spirit world through the sense of ‘tasting’ the essence of various substances in the form of ‘non-physical flavors’ or taste sensations. Clairgustance is similar to smelling something like apple pie and feeling the taste sensation within your mouth without anything physically in your mouth.

In the health field, a medical intuitive uses this gift to determine what foods may be needed to help a client, such as the taste of grapefruit juice for someone who lacks Vitamin C. At times, a taste will occur that could indicate a possible cause of illness, a disease or a treatment needed. It can be very helpful if you can ‘taste’ something that is harmful or dangerous; this provides you with the necessary information about what the substance might be or where it may be located, without having any physical exposure to it.

When clairgustance is a part of your insight, it helps you identify the source or reason for a message, and to communicate with the loved one who has passed. This gift helps a medium or psychic to validate a loved one by acknowledging the wonderful apple pies their aunt was known for or the smoked sausage their uncle loved to cook.

The gift of taste is not just applicable to the deceased or non-physical entities. You can experience this gift with the living. When you find yourself tasting a homemade cinnamon cookie, the kind your grandma always makes, give your grandma a call because she probably needs or wants to speak with you. You can also experience this gift when a special occasion is growing near and you get a taste of cake and ice cream in your mouth. Check your calendar to see if someone’s birthday or anniversary is near.

This sense of taste is sometimes not just food orientated; you can receive a taste of soap, dirt, charcoal, cigarettes and more! The other part that clairgustants include is the oral sensations of the person who has passed, such as a dry mouth, burping, hiccups, salivating, or sudden food cravings.

I’m sure at some time you might have or will experience this gift. When you do, thank the loved one for stopping by or pick up the phone and call your relative, as I am sure they would love to speak with you.

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