Using Crystals to Neutralize EMFs


People mention electromagnetic frequencies or EMFs, but more awareness needs to be shared about how strongly they can affect us. Microwaves are a perfect example–they use seemingly invisible waves to cook our food. Even though we cannot see them, EMFs can really take a toll on us energetically, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Physically, EMFs have been known to cause all kinds of diseases, various tumors, and cancers. The new 5g technology is quadrupling brain tumors as well as other cancers. This is happening at an alarming rate, especially with children who are still developing their bodies and brains.

We are constantly bombarded by these “invisible waves” or rays from our TVs, computers, electrical wires in our homes, all electrical appliances, microwaves, cell phone towers, tablets, house meters and cell phones. These “invisible rays” can weaken our aura, clogging it with electromagnetic pollution which in turn can block the body from being in perfect balance and health. They can pull our auras out of alignment when continually exposed to them for long periods of time. This happens because our auras our protecting us from this EMF pollution; if our auras are left this way too long it can pull our physical body out of alignment.

There are a variety of stones that help clear and protect us from these electromagnetic frequencies. Black tourmaline smokey quartz and lepidolite can be worn to protect you from EMFs or place the crystal between you and the object. They clean-up EMF pollution by having them in your environment on or near computers, monitors, and TV screens. The piezoelectric energy from gravity is enough pressure to activate the molecules in the crystal, in turn activating the clearing energies of the crystals.

Fluorite is great for clearing out all vibrational frequencies that don’t benefit us. It can be used when taped or placed on computers, tablets and cell phones. Sodalite and amazonite both absorb EMF pollution; they can be of best benefit when placed between the person and any object emanating EMFs. Green aventurine clears EMF pollution, especially when taped to cell phones.

Diamonds have such a powerful white light that they transmit, which is also beneficial for clearing electromagnetic pollution around anything, especially when taped or placed on cell phones, appliances, and wires. Herkimer diamonds aid with cleaning-up radiation. Malachite and jaspers are beneficial to help clear radiation, pollution, and EMFs.

The other great benefit of taping or placing crystals on other objects that emit EMFs is that all minerals help us and everything on this earth to maintain balance. If your refrigerator is pulling too much energy, the crystals you use will naturally balance the unbalanced energies.


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