Using Crystals to Alleviate Insomnia


There are a number of reasons why people have a hard time sleeping. Not surprisingly, stress is a big one, in addition to imbalances in melatonin or serotonin, pain, excess energy, fear, biorhythms being off, nightmares, or emotional distress. Crystals can benefit in a variety of ways to help dispel insomnia.

Amethyst and chevron amethyst are great stones for de-stressing and aiding in a restful sleep. The peaceful violet energy that amethyst emits soothes and strengthens the nervous system, calming the body and mind. Using it when you sleep relaxes your body and instills peace, ensuring a long restful sleep. Amethyst is one of the best stones for alleviating pain.

Used for nightmares it calms fears, brings insight, and quiets the mind. Hematites is great for dispelling insomnia. Its heavy energies ground worry to the earth. Hematite’s high iron content makes it a powerful healing, grounding, and protective crystal. Moonstone aligns us on all levels, opens our psychic abilities, and rebalances our natural bio-rhythms.

The pyrite in lapis lazuli transmutes lower vibrational energies into the gold light. Its deep blues cool the body, strengthen our psychic abilities, helps us access universal information during dream time, and clears anger. Sodalite is also a crystal for insomnia; it clears confusion, and the deep blue energies calm fears and worries by absorbing them. Smokey quartz’s natural energies are to pull things out and away. It grounds as well as clears excessive over-thinking, worry, and helps us organize our thoughts clearly.

There’s a lot of alternative activities you can do that help ensure a good nights sleep, such as essential oils, exercise, walking, deep breathing, meditation, energy healing or music. You can also change your belief systems because our thoughts create our reality; if you’re telling yourself, “I can’t sleep”, you’re telling your body to not sleep. If you change that belief too, “I’ll get a full, well-rested eight-hour sleep tonight and will wake up refreshed and energized”, that new belief creates the new reality, as energy follows thought.

Crystals work great with intentions and words through programming them. Any of the mentioned stones can be used. You only need one but can use as many as you want; if you’re programming more than one crystal with the same program you can do them all simultaneously. Pick a stone, quiet your mind, and focus on your breathing and the energy of the stone. Hold the crystal at your third eye chakra located between your eyebrows and imagine yourself sleeping, with the crystal emanating peaceful energies and ensuring you get a full, undisturbed nights rest. Hold the visualization for 15 minutes and the crystal is programmed. Place it in your pillowcase or somewhere close so that its energies will transmit the intention.


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