Animal Totem or Animal Guide

Animal Totem or Animal Guide

An animal totem or animal guides, come in and out of our lives depending on the direction that we are headed and the tasks that need to be completed along our journey in life. So, who is your animal totem? If you happen to notice a certain animal in your life, pay attention. That animal is communicating a message to you. So here are just a few of the animal totems and what they bring to you.

Bear – Helps ground you and brings you strength.
Wolf – Brings you instinct and intelligence.
Horse – Brings you drive and passion.
Moose – Brings you strength and power.
Raven – Brings you magic.
Eagle – Helps you to see ahead.

Animal totems can change in our life when we need help in certain areas. I first had a fox totem who helped me with adapting and then I got a squirrel totem to assist with preparation. Working with animal guides can be fun and exciting. To find your personal animal guide try the following exercise. Close your eyes and let your imagination take you to a place in nature. It may be a forest or a mountain or even an ocean or river. Breathe in the essence of that place and ask for your totem to appear. Notice the first animal that you see. Ask the animal what they are bringing to you and read up on their habits and lifestyles. Our totem animals help us to evolve and grow. They are fun and playful. Getting in touch with them is a wonderful way to explore your spiritual and psychic development.

At Michigan Psychic fair we offer animal totem readings, as well as mediumship and psychic life path readings. We encourage you to visit our fairs and receive a helpful reading from one of our gifted psychics. Please check out our fairs on our website and contact us with any questions. We look forward to seeing you!

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