Using Crystals to Cleanse Your Space


We pick up a lot of energies that may not be harmonious with our vibration. It’s important to have a clear space so these energies don’t stay inside our home. They can be other people’s emotions, anger, sadness, thoughts or entities. We need to consciously clear ourselves and auras so that this energy isn’t bouncing around, causing us to feel it repeatedly.

Crystals can be a great benefit because of their piezoelectric qualities, with the pressure of gravity activating them. You can clear a room by placing clusters in the center of a room. Smaller clusters or crystals can be used in windows. A cluster is many single terminated crystals attached to a base. Each crystal transmits a lot of cleansing white light simultaneously. Citrine is one of the best clusters to use as it never needs to be cleansed, and it transmutes, absorbs, grounds and dissipates all energies to gold light. It fills a room with happiness, warmth, and creativity.

Quartz crystal is another great cluster, as it naturally floods, absorbs, stores regulate and releases everything with pure white light. It also brings about clarity, focus, and is a powerful energy transmitter. Amethyst clears all lower vibrational energies saturating them with peace, love and higher spiritual wisdom. Protective smokey quartz grounds and clears lower vibrational energy. Selenite also emits a radiant clearing white light.

Any stones used in conjunction with selenite are amplified and transmitted enough to fill a room.

Crystals can be programmed to transmit your intention. If you want a room to have a clear clean white light energy, you can use five quartz crystal points. To program the crystals to hold all of them at your heart chakra and imagine the house being cleaned, overflowing with white light. Visualize the white light filling and flooding your entire house or room as if it were being flooded with white water. Hold this image for 10- 15 minutes and the crystals are programmed with your intention.

Now place one crystal in each corner of a room, home or space with the apex pointing upward. Use the last crystal to connect with the others. Start with one corner, trace around the bottom of the wall to the next corner and that crystal. Continue doing this until all of the crystals have been connected; this creates a box of white gold light clearing the entire room. The crystals should be charged daily. Another way you can use crystals to clear and cleanse a room or fill it with a specific energy is to program your stones of choice with your intention, then place all of the stones in a bowl and place it in the center of the room. Enjoy!


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