Feel Connected And Radiate Compassion


Why are you not consistently feeling a sense of purpose and overflowing joyful connection to life? The answer may surprise you. It is because you are afraid to feel. I promise you this—feeling is the answer to real joy in your life.

Rushing, media distraction, overthinking, complaining, obsessing is for one purpose only… to not feel. The mind only races in an attempt to avoid a feeling.

Your purpose IS life. So many people are chasing to find “their purpose,” not realizing it’s right within and around them. Your life is your mission. When you feel the innate connection to this moment (that includes pain) you will no longer feel alone or question your purpose.

Ready to step into deeper joy? Then, make pain an ally and real joy will be your normal. Emotional pain is here to clear away what does not serve you. Decide to hold pain like a baby, and you will feel invincible in the world. You will no longer try to anxiously avoid yourself through food, addictions, stress, and ploys to gain approval. People-pleasing and lack of confidence is a result of trying to avoid pain (insecurity).

Stress is a secondary symptom of not living from center. Your reaction to emotions (pain) is what creates stress. It is important to know that suffering is created by your reaction to pain, but not to the pain itself. To reduce or eliminate suffering, feel the pain without adding a story. What I mean by not adding story is 1. Do not blame anyone (including yourself). 2. Do not ask “why” you are feeling a certain way. The “why” or “a ha” always comes after.

Your personality is just a small part of you. Your personality always needs approval. Your personality is based on your family, culture, gender, life story, politics, job, reputation etc… Your personality is not good or bad. “Persona” in Latin translates to mask or actor. You can only feel stressed, rejected, or attacked when you are expressing from the personality. Only your personality can feel attacked. The Real You cannot. Who You Are is far bigger than a persona.

When you are simply being yourself–not to impress,–you can’t feel attacked, stressed, or rejected. When you are trying to impress or prove something, you are trying to get something from someone. The solution is to live from your true, fully authentic self.

Expressing from your heart (living as your Real Self) doesn’t make you weak. An open heart means you are dwelling in the power given to you before you are born. The world craves your heart. Living with your heart open, you stay in joy, and transform those around you. This is living in your purpose.

Your Real Self can never be rejected or tarnished by this world. Your Real Self is love, beauty and the qualities of God. Only what is not truly you can be harmed, hurt or rejected. Learning this spiritual truth doesn’t mean then you should deny your hurt. On the contrary, learning to feel everything and hold it with love is the path to embodying radical faith and love.

Real joy…is joy for no reason, and simply being alive. Real joy is just a half degree to the side of grief. The Divine is all things. Including you…. right now. Don’t wait for proof to see God in your problems, pain or life. Be a radical love warrior and decide to now. God/Love is not just in all things, it IS all things.

Embodying more faith and living in real joy starts with seeing your pain with Love. Holding it with Love. Faith is not a thing outside of you, but something you cultivate within through self-love.

Feeling is healing, and as you feel the pain without adding a story you naturally organically embody your Soul. You re-present God on Earth by loving your personality.

“Self-Love” is actually an inaccurate statement. It is only your personality that needs love. Your Real Self is Love. You open more and more to the Truth of Love that you are by loving the personality. What you love, or accept, you now have the choice to act from. When you judge something you are in an energetic tug of war with it and you don’t consciously have a choice. This is why no matter how much you “will” yourself to not do something ( that is self-sabotaging) if you are not loving the pain (personality) underneath….you will do it again.

Whenever someone verbally attacks you remember that they are just in pain. It is only their personality attacking you, not their Real Self. If you can silently say in your heart “I see you are in pain. I love you” while someone is attacking, you will no longer internalize their pain. Learning to hold pain with more love, you feel safe in the world, and radiate life-changing compassion to whomever you meet.

If you want more joy, connection, and beauty in your life hold an unwavering intention of self-love now… AND come to join me and be ignited into greater self-love every 3rd Thursday from 7-9 PM Self Acceptance Process Workshop in Northville. Also, individual healing sessions and healers training are available. It would be my privilege to love you. Hope to see you there.


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