Increasing Prosperity Using Crystals


Due to the holidays, we may be watching our budget more than usual. Often, we over-spend during the holidays in our excitement to express our appreciation for others. While setting our New Years attainments, it can be beneficial to include our prosperity as well as financial success. Often our belief systems hold the keys as to what thoughts are usually telling us we are not deserving or worthy, which blocks us from our flow of infinite prosperity. It’s like asking for money with your fists closed.

Using affirmations is very beneficial, enabling us to focus more of our attention and energy on what we want instead of what we don’t want. I personally find mantras and affirmations also very beneficial for quieting a loud ego. You can chant a mantra to Lakshmi, goddess of prosperity, “Om Sri Maha Lakshmyai Namah.” Or, use a quick simple affirmation to help you stay focused, such as, “I AM happy and grateful for my permanently, continually increasing infinite universal prosperity and abundance flowing to me now in all ways.” Or, “All my needs are supplied for and abundantly met by the universe.”

There are a few stones great for helping us attract, and be open and receptive to our universal abundance and prosperity. Aventurine brings clarity, helping us see what beliefs and thoughts blocking our flow of prosperity. Magnetite’s magnetic qualities make it a good stone for attracting anything — be specific on your desires. Garnet awakens our inner knowing of our infinite prosperity, and also opens and energizes our base chakra. Ruby helps us follow our bliss and enhances our wealth and passion for life.

Placing magnetite, garnet or ruby under your feet can reenergize you by grounding you and bringing the earth’s energy up into your body. Citrine transmits and amplifies our manifestations, sending them back enshrouded in blessings of golden light. Jade instills gratitude for a long life and helps a business maintain its success.

You can construct a crystal prosperity array with any of the above-mentioned stones. If you want to attract money, use four pieces of magnetite, four pieces of citrine, with one garnet in the middle. Place it undisturbed in the south-east corner of your home; this will balance and strengthen the prosperity area of your home and life.

You can hold a citrine or quartz crystal in your hand while visualizing and repeating your affirmation. Squeeze the crystal a few times to activate the energy. After doing this for 15 minutes, your crystal is now programmed and is sending out energy into the universe to aid you in attracting your infinite universal prosperity and abundance that you are so worthy and deserving of.


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