Unconditional Love


Even if you do not have a furry little one in your home, you may at times run into one of these amazing souls. They are so full of love and possess a uniqueness to their personalities, just as little children do. In fact, many of my clients have opted to have furry children instead of human babies. This phoneme has now changed how we look at pets and even the way we identify their place in our lives. We now adopt them into our home, and they become a family member as we become mom and dad to them, instead of an owner identity.

Many of my friends and clients send me pictures of their furry family member dressed in various holidays outfits and even give them birthday parties! Their companionship is without question important to our mental well-being, thus the term, therapy pet. Now, when I go to the hospital to visit someone, I see the hospital therapy dog going room to room cheering-up patients.

A few years ago, my niece needed surgery; she was only five-years-old at the time. The surgery went well, however, she did not fully waken! We, of course, were terrified that she was going to be in a coma for an unknown time! It was on day three of being in a light coma state when the hospital therapy dog was brought into the pediatric critical care unit. The dog was a little poodle. Once she was put on the bed and licked my niece and snuggled near her, my niece suddenly woke up. Her first words were, “Hi doggie!”

Some of you may wonder why I am writing about our precious little friends; how can this be a spiritual subject? From my experience doing readings for over 35 years, I can tell you that your pet has a soul. It is amazing when a pet who has passed comes through to send some love to their human parent, one more time. When our precious little Shish Tzu passed on, we felt her in the house for quite some time. In fact, we could hear her calling out to us through a bit of a whine that she made toward the last days of her life.

The interesting part of this sharing is that I had some people at my home for a get-together three years after her passing. None of them knew I once had a pet, let alone that she had passed. One of my friends asked, do you have a little dog? I feel it moving around my feet and I hear it whining. Well, this was true confirmation that our little girl was still in the house and it was not just our imagination.

I am sure you have heard about animal whisperers. Psychics like myself can also tune into your pet’s thoughts and energy. There have been times when I see pets suffering from an illness, disease or even psychological distress. I can then share with their human family this information which is invaluable and may save their furry children’s life.

You also have a telepathic connection to pets of any type; even fish, if you are sending thoughts to them. It is much like when you are talking to plants — they can respond to your thoughts and the energy sent to them. However, our more complex warm-blooded pets will give an immediate loving response.

In turn, if you have an angry household filled with negative energy, they can most certainly sense it. In fact, they can react to this environment by becoming sick or trying to run away, even if you do not direct this anger or negative energy toward them. Interestingly, they react much differently when you are sick or depressed. Your furry family member will snuggle up to you, sharing love and healing energy, truly a positive impact for the ill and the depressed.

If you do not own a pet, maybe you could have someone bring a furry friend by to cheer you up. At times, when things are getting a bit overwhelming for me and even meditation is not helping, I will go to a pet store or an animal shelter and hold a little one for a bit, renewing my energy!

Happy Valentine’s Day, wishing you unconditional love.


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