Crystals for Protection from EMFs


We are continually subjected to EMFs, by cell phone towers, microwaves, TVs, smart meters, cell phones, wires in the walls and computers, more than people realize or talk about. As a crystal healing facilitator, it is important to help people be aware of how EMFs can affect us, especially our health.

Electromagnetic frequency smog is the invisible energy that’s emitted mostly from electronics. After years of studies, people are just now admitting how EMFs affect us and everything in our environment, from plants to soil. It’s been known to turn healthy cells into unhealthy abnormal cells. This is caused by the very low frequency that EMFs emit; the cells are not able to sustain their frequency to maintain good health Studies done with cows living under power lines and cell phone towers show high indications of tumors, cancer and birth defects in calves. Not only cows are affected — people of all ages, especially growing and developing children, show that birth defects, tumors and higher rates of cancer are being reported, occurring 40 – 50 times faster with the new 5g technology.

Children get very over-exposed just by having to use them all the time in school. Kids are very intuitive and know what they need to be whole and balanced. A good practice to develop with them could be having the child pick their own crystal to tape on their cell phone or computer to help balance the long-term effects of the EMFs. Smokey quartz, malachite clear quartz sodalite, and black tourmaline are all great stones for clearing EMFs, as well as limiting microwave, cell phone, TV and computer time.

Stones can be used to absorb, cleanse or protect us from EMFs; the most effective way to use them in your home is to place one or more crystals directly on the area where the EMFs are highest. If there is an area or wall in your home that has the most amount of electrical wires, you will want to place a piece of malachite, for example, on that wall by mounting a shelf or hanging the malachite in front of the area closest to the area. Malachite a powerful earth healer that absorbs plutonium pollution, radiation from a body or environment, and EMFs. Lepidolite mops up EMFs from an environment and is excellent when used with fluorite on computers.

Other stones that clear EMFs are amber, tourmaline, turquoise and kunzite. Crystals that absorb EMFs are smokey quartz, aventurine, diamond, and Herkimer. Crystals that protect us from EMFs are kunzite, amazonite, fluorite, and Jasper. Wearing any of these protective stones will help any time you have short or long-term exposure to EMFs.


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