Meditating with Crystals Outside


This time of year not only are we planning what seeds to plant for the new year, but we are also meditating on which seeds we want to plant in our garden of life. We can use crystals to amplify what we are manifesting a hundredfold. Meditating outside with crystals benefits us as well as the earth to balance and heal, as well as amplifying and enhancing our intentions through the transmission of the crystals.

A crystal array is a specific sacred geometric shape chosen to direct and amplify the intention of the person and the crystals. Crystal arrays are very intuitive, and you can use a lot of crystals added to the basic crystal arrays, which requires four single terminated crystals. You also don’t need a large area for crystal arrays; they can be very small or large. Part of the main intention, however, is to make them large enough for you to sit in them and enjoy the benefits of their energies.

When meditating in a crystal array and the points are pointing inward at you, brings amplified energy being transmitted from the crystals picking it up from the universe, everyone, and everything. If the crystals are pointing out and away from you, they are transmitting your energy and intentions.

Using crystal arrays to manifest, sit outside and place four single terminated crystals around you, in the four cardinal directions, pointing away from you. While you are meditating in your crystal array, imagine yourself planting your seeds in your life. See each seed as one of your manifestations and heart’s desires. See yourself nurturing, growing and caring for them. Then visualize them coming into full bloom and fruition. Leave the array in the area to enjoy the energies later.


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