Using Crystals to Maintain Youthfulness


People often feel hurried, or as if they don’t have enough time in their lives. In Atlantis, we lived to be over 350 years young. In the crystal healing that I facilitate, I explain how our belief systems are shortening our ability to live long, healthy lives. Our thoughts create our reality, they also tell our physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies how healthy to be and how long we will live. These belief systems are taken on from doctors, stress, genetics and everywhere else in our lives.

Louise L. Hayes, a pioneer in helping people understand how their thoughts create their realities, used one affirmation daily, “I AM happy and grateful for my eternal youth.” Dying in her 90s, she didn’t look older than 40 years old.

Not only can affirmations be used to help maintain perfect health as well as our longevity. Crystals can also be used by making a gemstone elixir, using them in healing rejuvenating arrays while we sleep, and meditating with them aiding in our cellular regeneration and adding to our youthfulness. They also aid in helping us pin-point our beliefs as well as fears that we have about aging and health, and helping us release them.

Along with belief systems, our environment adds to our cellular degeneration. Using the crystals in healing-crystal arrays along with our intentions can aid us in not being continually bombarded and subjected to these energies. Some stones that can be used in a gemstone elixir or crystal array are selenite, rhodochrosite, amber, tourmaline, gold, and apophyllite. Many cultures from the past were obsessed with eternal youth and immortality. Throughout history, people have talked about the elixir of eternal youth.


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