The Purpose of Your Life


You are an individual focus of the higher intelligence and unconditional love born from the Oneness of all life. Though you have probably thought of yourself as a personality, a body, a mind, these are your creations. You are the eternal spirit which enlivens your human self. The purpose of your life is to awaken unity of will and identity between your true self and your human self; then you can begin to fulfill the potential within your life.

Religion and philosophy have sought to remind us that we are more than the creatures which we appear to be. But still, that unity has tended to elude us. Our human minds and emotions, wills, instincts, and societies demand our attention, pulling us from our spiritual essence and distracting us with work, entertainment, friends and family. It takes a strong deliberate choice to maintain our spiritual identity within these necessary distractions of life.

Life is richer and more satisfying, relationships more fulfilling, success sweeter and hearts more joyful when we remember who it is that is living it all! When not deliberately choosing to live centered in partnership with our eternal spiritual selves, we find life to be a circle of highs and lows. We love the highs and feel traumatized by the lows, but one thing we can count on is that what we experience now will change as the wheel of life goes round. You could say that identifying with our true self is like living from the hub of the wheel, where we are part of the wheel but not flying high or being traumatized by the lows. Instead, we can always be whole and have a masterful focus of intelligence and love to greet the circumstances, whatever they are. Then everything becomes purposeful and we are in a position to fulfill our true purpose – allowing our Higher Self to live and express within the world.

Your eternal spirit or Higher Self has a direct line to the Oneness of all life. From that Oneness, you become aware of your unique role within each moment. That awareness is a flow of love that helps you to be a gift to each person and circumstance you encounter. Your human self can join with this flow of love and through that gradually begin to understand the bigger picture and purpose for circumstances. But even before you understand, you are able to participate and play your role. You can sense the rightness when unconditional love is flowing through you.

Unconditional love is very different from human love. Human love is filled with preferences and agendas based on creature instincts, needs, and social programming. Unconditional love is able to meet those needs which are important, and let go of what is not helpful. It turns our awareness to a perspective which allows miracles and potent transformations to occur, gently within our lives and world. These amazing events may almost seem ordinary until we look at them relative to what others experience or what might have been. Then we know that higher intelligence and love are at work in our lives.

Your Higher Self communes with you through your Inner Wisdom which is the seed of Higher Self planted within you at conception. This focus of true self is easiest to access deep within your heart chakra. I have three videos on my international award-winning blog which walk you through gaining unity with your Inner Wisdom and Higher Self. Visit and search: ”Eve’s 3 Most Important Things” to watch them!

Inner Wisdom and Higher Self can be recognized by the qualities of the energy they bring. What you sense flowing from your true self is unconditional love and it feels strong but not imposing. It is kind and compassionate but trusting of the wisdom and true purpose working within others, so it doesn’t try to rescue them. It is calm but focused and purposeful, even when you aren’t doing anything. It feels like life flowing through you…trustworthy, relaxed, potent and satisfying.

Unity with Inner Wisdom and Higher Self is the safest place in the world. Whatever happens, when we are in that state, higher intelligence and love will make circumstances benefit us. This is who we are and what all life was created for. As each of us enters into this relationship, the world begins to reflect the greater good. The challenges we are facing in the world at this time are ways that human identities are being shaken up to reach beyond reliance on the structures of society and the creature identity of egos. As security at that level diminishes we are learning to go within to find our enlightened true selves. From that unity, we will co-create a brighter reality here on earth.


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