Using Crystals to Hear the Voice of Your Heart


Years ago, there was a popular slogan, “Follow your bliss.” This statement couldn’t be more pertinent to living healthy, happy lives. Often, life is focused around work and stress to pay our bills and finances. Life has lost its sense of bliss and excitement; more time is spent at work than at home, enjoying the bliss in life.

When I ask people what their greatest excitement is, they are so far from it that it takes them a while to remember their passions. In recalling our passions, we can remember how powerful we are and that our thoughts create our reality. We can cancel old beliefs telling us we have to struggle to make money and replace them with positive affirmations such as, “I am happy and grateful for all the money and abundance coming to me in every way.” We remember the abundance of life and keep the channels open for money to flow.

We’ve been told to focus on one career that brings us good money; however, these careers are often not in alignment with our passions, excitements, our heart’s desires, life path, and purpose. When we let go of money stress we can follow our passions and be successful, happy and prosperous.

Crystals help us hear our inner voices, including that of our heart. Quartz crystal clears out old beliefs, brings clarity, focus, and quiets our mind so that we can hear our inner guidance. Calcite ignites spontaneity in our lives, helping us remove blocks and break free from monotony. Carnelian sparks our passion and creativity. Amazonite instills in us our highest, truest self, helping us remember our life path and purpose. Amethyst calms and quiets our mind, deepening our meditation so that we can hear our highest, truest self and inner heart wisdom. Have fun following your excitement!


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