Using Crystals to Invoke Courage


Courage is a powerful word that most of us will instill at least once in our lives. Many different types of courage may need to be called upon in certain circumstances. Crystals ignite our courage, bringing us everything we need to get us through the situation. You can carry them, make an elixir, bed, meditation, and visualization.

Crystals work pyro-electrically and piezo-electrically; squeezing them when our courage is needed most amplifies their properties. Peridot gives us the courage to move forward fearlessly with change and new beginnings. Bloodstone strengthens courage and gives us vitality during a stressful healing crisis. Amazonite lends courage in order for us to be our highest, truest selves. Citrine opens and cleanses our solar plexus chakra, enabling us to have the courage to take our power.

Sunstone amplifies courage by igniting our inner leadership abilities. Selenite strengthens spiritual courage, anchoring our light bodies to our physical body. Lepidolite gives us understanding and courage during times of death and transition, aiding with acceptance. Rhodonite ignites courage to leave unhealthy abusive relationships.

If you have a situation requiring courage, you can use visualization while holding a crystal. Prepare a space for meditation. Think, feel, imagine a time when you had the most courage you have ever had to summon. How does it feel to be courageous? How do you look, — do you act differently?

What can you do to maintain this new state of courage? Affirmations can help us maintain a level of courageousness. Breathing in, “It is safe for me to be my strong, confident, powerful, courageous self. Breathing out, “I courageously take my power over this situation.” See yourself confronting the person or situation, and you taking courageous action. After meditation, continue to feel your courageous, powerful self, and that you can do anything.


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