Courage to Thrive


There is a strength which comes from a primal place within each of us that gives courage to thrive within our lives. It is often buried beneath our upbringings and social mores. Alternately, those who access it may not do so with good intentions. Learning to embrace our power from a place of love and compassion for ourselves and others is a type of mastery which enables us to succeed in all our endeavors.

Penny Golden, our Body Mind Spirit Guide publisher, reminded me of my own journey toward this goal when she wrote to us authors about courage. She called it cou-rage and my mind immediately went to a time in my life where I first began to learn about the right use of emotional and instinctual power. I am inspired to share some of my journey with you.

My mother was a rage-aholic. In my dreams, she was alternately a tornado and a raging fire, destructive and terrifying. I learned not to trust her and I honor the instinct which led me to protect — it was my first step of self-care. Today I give thanks to her for being the mother I chose from a higher level because the lessons I needed were available through her. She made me claim my strength, but it was a long journey to get there!

I tried to only live in love because I didn’t want to be like her. But in some ways this was a type of dissociation, separating me from my less spiritual feelings and my human power. In a significant turn of fate as an adult, I learned that the distress I felt in her presence, which would cause me to have terrible intestinal pain, was caused by my negative feelings repressed and stored up from a lifetime as her daughter. I had to stop blaming her, since as an adult what I felt was my own power turned inward.

I meditated and asked what the purpose of anger is and was told that it is the force of change, necessary and valuable but needing to be used from a place of love and integrity. I was guided to use a tool I had been given called Rage-Work which transmutes toxic emotions into unconditional love. Through a private and protected inner exercise involving Archangels, transmutational fields and simulations of people and circumstances, I vented my anger, fear, hatred, sadness, and grief around my mother. When I was finished I was able to be with her and still be comfortable within myself. It was a breakthrough that showed me once again that owning our primal power is essential for success in life.

If it weren’t for the problems caused by stuffing my emotions, such as the intestinal pain and not
being grounded enough to stand up for myself with strong people, I would have happily continued to ignore my power! There is a certain high you feel when you are living only on your spiritual levels, but it comes at a price. There are so many pleasures I missed, and a depth of relationship and experience I would have benefited from, but I floated right past them on my high. Over many years of self-healing and healing others, I have found that sooner or later we all have to own our inner power. It is how we bring our spiritual natures fully into the world, and this is what we are here to do.

Owning our primal/instinctual power is essential for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing, as well as for success in relationships, business and personal, and spiritual growth. It also happens to be one of the most fulfilling and joyful things I have ever done for myself, though it is also challenging on many levels.

I am a spiritual healer who has learned the value of our lower natures when integrated into our wholeness through unconditional love. Whatever challenges you face, the resolution of them can be found through claiming personal power from that deep instinctual well at the core of your creature self and joining it with your higher spiritual self which is One with all life. Without that, spirit can only hover within your aura and not ground into the world to create positive change.

Everything within us has a purpose. Understanding and honoring that, we can bring our spiritual selves and our creature selves into balanced partnership. I teach this in my healing treatments, classes and my award-winning blog. Please visit my website to find out more and contact me to explore how I can help you to own your power, health, and success.


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