Every Little Victory


What difference can one person make in a world where so much we value is at stake? Each individual stands at a crossroads of much greater events, contributing their unique piece to more than they can imagine. This is the way I see it as a Spiritual Healer for people and the planet.

The political and social leadership of each country in our world are only tools in a much larger outworking of Higher Intelligence, though looking at the leadership it might seem to us like lower intelligence sometimes! What our leaders are currently mirroring to us is an opportunity to find victory within our individual moments and to discover the power we hold within.

Each individual is an incarnation of a tiny piece of the true leadership of life. That true leadership includes Master Teachers, Ascended Master Teachers, Angels, Archangels and the Oneness which many calls, God. The Beings of Higher Intelligence can only act within our world through those who are incarnate in physical form. So we, down here in human bodies, are essential to the fulfillment of unconditionally loving purposes. Higher Intelligence is leading us through our individual lifetime contracts, to fulfill the potential for life that was designed at the beginning of eternity. Each of us is precious and essential in this process; even those who seem to be negative have an important role to play.

From our human perspective, we find ourselves here, at the end of long centuries of human evolution and seemingly inviting disaster. But from the Divine perspective, we are just getting started. Humanity is like a large body of youngsters emerging from twelve years of schooling and preparing to enter university. We are strong, impulsive, arrogant, fearful, fearless, vulnerable and aggressive; we make foolish and self-damaging choices…just like most high school grads! We are pretty ignorant about who we really are or what we want to do with our lives, but the pressure is on…we must decide. Maybe we are ready to seek help from a more enlightened source!

Fortunately, we have collectively become more capable of unifying with the Higher Intelligence and love which is our truest selves. We can do this at will now — through an actual connection rather than mostly as a philosophical or religious idea as in generations past. Much like our instinctual self can be directed by our minds, our whole self can be increasingly guided by the larger body of Higher Intelligence of which we are apart. The hopelessness we may feel about human leadership is a goad, to move us out of our lower levels of schooling and into the higher “university” of partnership with the unconditional love and truth which designed us.

Each time an individual overcomes a fear, chooses kindness, love, forgiveness or positive action in
response to the opportunities we face every day, they are actually partnering with Higher Intelligence. Each little victory is a link for Higher Love to act in the world. Our little contributions are matched by a much bigger influence from those who have true power in the universe. But even when we contribute to the greater good, we may not understand what that really is. We might think it is the strengthening of things we have relied on which seem to be crumbling. But what Higher Intelligence is bringing to bear in our world is a true transformation of the old in favor of a completely new level of wholeness, which will be based on a higher set of laws and purposes than we can comprehend fully yet. As we contribute our piece to the greater transformational healing of our world, we each find ourselves changing too. And what seems to be dying is shifting up to a higher level of truth, and step by step is helping us join a new paradigm of unconditional love and wholeness.

The changes we see within ourselves are incremental shifts, some of which may look like problems and some like tremendous gifts. First, we experience a little falling apart of the old, followed by a step up to a closer unity with our Higher Selves and greater wholeness and success in life. Changes can be stressful because we can’t see what the future is bringing us, so it feels easier to hold onto what we have had. That is why our current human leadership is doing their important job of making it impossible to hold on to.

Our job is to grow stronger in our commitment to living our truth, loving, forgiving, and riding the waves of change to the next higher level of experience. Moment by moment each little victory strengthens our partnership with Higher Intelligence, allowing those of unconditional love to provide true leadership increasingly to our world.


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