4 Steps of Acceptance and Transformation

By Peter Cutler

1. Gratitude
Thank whatever shows up for showing up. Have an attitude of gratitude throughout your day. (This may take some practice when dealing with a painful experience.) Everything that shows up is entirely for your benefit and for your learning, so practice gratitude for it now. It will open your eyes and your heart.

2. Realize
Realize you don’t know everything about what just showed up. This is an important truth of life that most people miss or refuse to accept. What we think we know is almost always wrong or at best a very limited part of the whole picture. Often, our accumulation of knowledge actually limits our true knowing.

3. Ask
Ask whatever shows up what it has come to teach you. Everything that happens in your life is a LESSON. When your mind is open through gratitude and the realization that you really don’t know why this thing, feeling, situation or person showed up, you have the openness and space to hear the answer.

4. Realization
When the first three steps are done with an open mind and heart, awakening and awareness will happen naturally. You will see the world in a very different way. These are not difficult things to do. It just takes willingness.

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