Bad Ass Spiritual Makeover


For the past year and a half, I lived without a home. I also gave away all my belongings and relied on the kindness of others. I learned on, new levels, that small acts of Love matter. I discovered a home within that will remain untouched by the physical world. And, I let go of my agendas of what I think my life should be to truly surrender to what wanted to emerge.

In my deep surrender to Love, I became available to ideas that seemed crazy. Community Auricular Acupuncture and Self Acceptance Process healing at Radical Well Being in Southfield was born. It allows people incredible healing support for only $20-40! Then, instead of thinking, I had to create a HUGE sanctuary to help with climate change, a mobile, replicable smaller model was born. (Many times, we will create something way in the future… to actually keep ourselves from seeing the do-able steps towards our dreams in the present!)

Mother Bear Sanctuary brings animal and nature healing to inner-city children and elderly folks. As I continued to let go and humbly open to what is possible right now. I saw a way to infuse auricular acupuncture, homeopathic healing, and energy healing into the Self Acceptance Process teacher training. I would not have seen all these possibilities if I held on to my belongings, which I now realize represented my resentments and stubbornness of what I thought life ‘should’ be, verses what wanted to emerge. After 25 years of service, teaching, and healing, I needed a spiritual makeover!

You don’t have to let go of your home and all your belongings to give yourself a fresh start. Whew, right? The perceptual steps below will give you a ‘powerful badass’ spiritual makeover, so you can begin the year reborn to the beautiful True You and the greater possibilities in your life.

1. Forgive yourself and others.
Forgiveness doesn’t empower the hate, agree with the negative actions, or make you a weak weenie. No. It gives you the power to raise your energy above the mayhem and the capacity to see solutions. To forgive is not to overlook, rather… to look through. You look through the protective personality (ego) to the sanity and beauty that is every human being’s essence.
“If your intention is inner peace…then forgiveness becomes your only function” A Course In Miracles

2. Small Choices
Choosing Love is not one big sweeping act. In fact, it starts with a subtle inner choice. How you treat yourself will eventually ‘leak out’ on to others. Loving ourselves is not easy. After guiding hundreds of people into self-love, I have seen self-love can mean to love your resistance to loving yourself. Loving your resistance. No longer “grading yourself” for how well you are loving yourself. Love all the parts of you… including the resistance to self-love!

Choosing Love can also be consciously giving to others what you need to cultivate within yourself. You give to realize you already have it. The choice to Love can be a genuine smile to someone you would typically judge. Choosing Love can be greeting your partner, friends, or kids with affection in the first 30 seconds of meeting, instead of your complaints.

I promise you. These small choices do make a difference in your life and the collective consciousness. I have seen my life and my clients’ lives change from what seem like little inconsequent decisions.

3. Prayer
Pray from the Love you are, rather than beseeching a deity to do it for you. Pray “from”…instead of “to.”
You are created in Love. You are Love. Stop giving your power away to create change. We have a moral responsibility to counteract the clouds of hate in the collective consciousness. Pray for people to remember they are loved. When someone remembers who they genuinely are, they no longer desire to hurt themselves or others. Hurt people… hurt people.

Stop praying for specific outcomes. This only feeds your protective personality. ‘Let go of the wheel’ and pray for the highest good for yourself and others. Pray for Love… detached from the outcome.

Your thoughts and prayers are powerful, use them in the highest form, and pray for those that create harm in the world. Their acts of violence and hateful words are prayer requests. Your prayer does not empower their hate, it empowers their inner heart wisdom. No one is inherently bad. We are all God disguised in different suits. Help them to remember their True Selves.

4. Allow yourself to be loved.
We are all afraid of Love. Letting yourself be loved means you must let go of old ways of identifying yourself. Good or bad. You are not your performance, your past mistakes or accomplishments, or how much you do for others. Stop fighting for what you already are. You are Love. You exist because you are loved, you are loved because you exist. Your worth will be felt as you let go to the YOU you have always been.

Self-love is a radical act because it means growth. I am allowing myself to be blessed so I can bless others more. I am so damn uncomfortable some days. Who would think getting everything I want would create discomfort? I’m grateful to be aware of what’s happening. 85% of lottery winners lose their winnings after 5 years. Why? Because they are not aware that everything in their life is about being Love. Achieving our dreams is about our becoming.

Practicing Love through forgiveness, prayer, and self-love opens you to the solutions and blessings that are waiting. You become an energetic match to what you desire. This is a process. And as you practice daily, you will align with what you want, AND more importantly, have the capacity to enjoy it (instead of sabotaging your good). Enjoy the process of being Love now, and you will naturally align with your dreams.

5. See everyone as your purpose and mission.
As you commit to seeing the Love in everyone you meet, your life will take on more profound meaning, and you will align with the blessings waiting for you. Connecting with the cable guy as he set up service in my beautiful new home, I was honored to love him as he shed tears about his brother’s drug addictions. Every person you meet is an opportunity to change the world. Stop looking for some huge act to give life meaning. Every interaction you have IS your healing mission. Your intention to see Love in everyone one you meet changes the collective consciousness and shifts you into feeling, embodying, and knowing your True beautiful essence.

Be a rebel. Choose Love. It sounds easy, but it’s not. The media and the current cultural climate glorifies cynicism, sarcasm, and hate. You are not a weak ‘doormat’ for choosing forgiveness. It is wise. Stop blocking your blessings by your self-attack or your mental attack of others. Be willing to love all parts of yourself. Willingness is a power tool for self-love. Just be willing, and Grace/Life will do the rest.

Truly it’s my joy to support you in seeing your True Self and expressing your gifts. (We are all gifted, we just need to uncover and cultivate them.) I hope to see you at Community Auricular Acupuncture, 20411 W. 12 Mile in Southfield. (new time on Jan, 4-7 pm). I would also love to ‘love you up’ in session or Self Acceptance Process teacher training.

May you allow yourself to receive blessings. Big Love and hug to your December and new year!


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