How to Benefit Using Angel Aura Quartz


Angel Aura Quartz is a naturally forming quartz that is altered by a man by placing it in a warm mixture of platinum and silver. When quartz is heated the molecules expand to the outside, any minerals near the quartz adhere to the surface of the crystals when cooled. Quartz’s main properties balance, amplify, transmit and clarify.

Crystals containing other minerals amplify the properties of each mineral.

Silver’s feminine energy strengthens our ‘silver cord’ by connecting our astral and physical bodies. It draws negative energy out and transmutes it to silver light.

Platinum balances all of our energy centers, meridians, aura’s, polarities, by activating our perfect health on a cellular level. It stimulates our pineal gland, psychic awareness, and intuition. Strengthens goal attaining and that anything is possible.

When these three minerals are combined it makes a powerful stone for meditating, opening our psychic abilities and strengthening angelic communication. Angels are always with us guiding us through telepathy, radio songs, feathers and with numbers.

One way to work with the angel aura quartz is during meditation. Focus on the question you’ve been asking. Place the quartz on your third eye chakra for fifteen minutes to a half-hour. Be receptive and open to any and all feelings, sounds, smells, visions, the communication you receive at this time even if it doesn’t seem related to your question. These feelings will become clearer in a few days.

It’s also good to carry the crystal with you when you go out, the quartz is helping draw the clarity, people, guidance and synchronicities to you. The biggest thing we can do to hear our angels is quieting our minds so we can hear the constant angelic telepathic love and guidance in every moment.


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