Stone of the Month: Vanadanite


Vanadanite is made from lead, vanadium, oxygen, and chlorine, giving it it’s ruby red, red-brown, yellow-brown, orange and yellow hues. Crystal formations are rare; when they do form, they form small fragile barrel-shaped crystals as well as hollow prismatic crystals. It is found in Morocco, New Mexico, and Arizona.

This crystal has a strong energy that opens and floods the crown chakra, bringing the energy all the way down to the feet, resulting in peaceful pure energy that fills the body while opening and clearing all the other chakras. Vanadanite can help heal the cellar structure, breathing disorders, asthma, bladder ailments, and ignites our stamina by eliminating drowsiness as well as fatigue.

This stone increases our stamina, helping us sustain as well as maintain the needed energy for long periods of time. Vanadanite enhances our endurance, clear thought, persistence, will, organizational skills, and determination to stay focused on attaining our goals. This crystal is potent when used during meditation, helping one attain a no-mind state, making it easy to quiet a busy, distracted mind and connect with the spirit world.

Vanadanite has a direct connection with the earth, helping us become grounded; it strengthens our personal connection with the earth, ley lines, vortices, as well as the elemental realms. This crystal is impeccable for bringing spiritual information, guidance, and energy all the way through our bodies and grounding it into the earth. Vanadanite sparks our creativity, passion, inspiration and sexual energies, helping eliminate writer’s block. This crystal is a beneficial tool for all healers, light, and bodyworkers connecting and filling us with the energy of source as well as the earth so that fatigue doesn’t occur.


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