You Deserve to Be Nourished


You deserve to be nourished in your life. You deserve to feel free to be yourself. You deserve to have a conscious loving supported life! You deserve to be resourced by an incredible job, partner, and creative expression.

Why don’t you have the partner, career or life of your heart’s dreams? Because of societal, family, and ancestral trauma that is preventing it from taking root. If you’re human, you have trauma. Wake up. IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT YOU HAVE ADDICTIONS, UNREALIZED DREAMS, OR TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS. However, it is your responsibility to heal. AND please know, you cannot do it alone. You are your own hero… and strength is asking for help.

Many people I begin to work with feel as they have FAILED. This is not true. They just didn’t have the proper support. Do not believe the new age bliss bunny spiritual approach that puts so much pressure on yourself to JUST “love yourself more.” Self-love practices ARE important but real change requires other people. Inner work must be balanced by mentors, community, nature, and friends. These things are like water. You wouldn’t judge yourself for needing water, right? Why do you think you’re weak for needing more support?

Oak trees do not get strong by denying the nourishment of the soil and forest. Not asking for help can actually be a defense, a defense against the fear of having your power taken away. Someone taking your power away may have been your past experience! We live in a world where most people believe in POWER OVER, and you have been born into this paradigm, a model that uses power to dominate, control, and manipulate. Many teachers, preachers, parents…. did NOT allow you to have your personal sovereignty. Most public-school systems, religious leaders, teachers, and Western medical models have to conform as their objective — not personal empowerment.

Power-with is the emerging new model. It recognizes everyone as a Divine Child rather than a worthless sinner. Power-with honors your direct access to the Divine and gives you the tools and support needed to hear that inner wisdom. In my work, I am committed to power-with, empowering people to step into their gifts and purpose. I have had the joy of helping thousands of people reconnect back to their inner wisdom.

How do you stop giving away your power to religion, people, teachers, or mentors? Clear generational pain, reclaim your voice, learn and practice, your boundaries. Learn to trust yourself. Learning to trust and listen to yourself is a process of Self-Acceptance. Trusting others is always about trusting and connecting with yourself first, trusting yourself to listen to yourself and honor your inner knowing as best as you can.

Self-acceptance is the foundation to keeping your power and feeling safe in the world. Unresolved pain causes a human to NOT be able to hear their needs and feelings. This is why people get into abusive relationships and work situations. It is NOT because they are stupid. People are in jobs they hate and unhealthy relationships because of generational trauma, because of childhood guardians that took their voice, and societal models of consumerism.

“You are loved and there is nothing you can do about it.” -Rev. Jeff Nelson

Ask for help. Let yourself be supported AND know you are a complete expression of the divine. Know that any resource (mentor, friend, religious leader, or PARTNER) can be a source for good in your life but not the only source. You have a direct connection to God, and you are an expression of God. Just like a ray of light is not trying to get back to the sun, you are a full expression of the sun.

“Do not puff up. Do not go small. Stand your sacred ground.” -Brene Brown.

BUT… how can you know your sacred ground if YOU don’t take time to get to know it? It takes courageous and intense inner work to become aware of your feelings and needs. Self-Acceptance is a process of reclaiming your ability to advocate for yourself.

Self-acceptance empowers real choice. The choice is a function of awareness. Meaning without inner work, personal responsibility, and being properly resourced, a person is trapped in a gerbil wheel of suffering, recreating the same painful path of misery they experienced yesterday. Self-Acceptance helps people to reclaim the capacity to stand up for themselves.

A person does NOT have the ability to stand up for themselves until they heal the generational trauma and pain. When you know your feelings and needs, you can have clear boundaries. Clear boundaries allow you to feel safe to BE YOURSELF in the world, and to express your gifts. Working with thousands of people as they step into their gifts and power, I find it is VERY common for people to feel they might be attacked, ridiculed, or not supported in their full and authentic expression. This is because it DID happen as a child. This short-circuits the developmental system. People whose development is short-circuited literally have different brain pathways, from not having their emotional needs met as a child or not being properly protected from predators. The good news is we all have developmental gaps and short circuits. The better news is there is something you can do about it!

You DO have gifts, talents, and capacities waiting to be born through you. Every human can become a vortex of God if they do the inner work. There is nothing WRONG with you and you are NOT broken. There is nothing to fix. You are already whole. Start your inner work so that you can manifest your dreams.

Self Acceptance Process Healer and Mentoring Program is my utter joy to offer to the world. I also have a Self Acceptance Day Retreat, Nov 16. Reach out to me so we can have a conversation about what will best support you in reclaiming your inner wisdom and expressing your healing gifts.


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