The Tree of Emotional Energy


The Tree of Emotional Energy
By John Whedon

Human Beings are a field of electro-magnetic energy in a skin with a spirit seeking wisdom. All of this energy is rooted in a body of emotions, until the reality of who we truly are is found. This pile of emotional energy is the root of our addictions and depression. The emotions are tied to roots of our past as children, where they were first experienced and rooted in our subconscious mind as truth. As we mature into adults we are faced with the reality that what we learned as children may not have been the truth and merely that of a misguided lost soul. Each time we experience this emotion it reconnects to the root energy in our subconscious mind, holding us hostage to our past, unable to shed the negativity of the past and live in the present moment.

Daily meditation and journaling of thoughts begins the energy clearing of our troubled past. This form of hand-written confessions allows the energy attached to the conscious mind to release the thought onto paper in the form of ink. If the surface thought in consciousness is not released from the energy field of the body, the thought will constantly reoccur until it has a means of release. Two free methods of release are written journal or verbal confessions.

Since many people hold this energy in as a form of guilt, verbal confessions are few and far between because the trust factor of those to whom it is spoken, lack the personal integrity to keep matters confidential. This is where hand-written journals hold true power. As the surface thoughts are hand-written the energy that connects the root belief is released. As this constantly occurs, the negative toxic energy that holds the belief in place is shed away and eventually completely released.

The broken bond of energy from the root belief release can be experienced in many ways, yet mine was in the popping of a balloon where I immediately felt like an entirely new person. I have since experienced this feeling many times over as it was these childhood emotions that connected to root beliefs of inferiority and not that of love. The depression fades away as the new and empowering positive energy fills the void that was once held by the negative root energy that was trapped in the subconscious mind. Now, as an adult, the wiser personal choices that are made in life become the new seed of positive personal growth in a person’s life.

As a visual to understanding this, is a tree planted the day we were born. As the tree is fed the root system begins to grow. If the tree is planted in rocky soil of a broken home with physical abuse and lack of love, the trees roots are very shallow. The tree will grow slowly. Each storm that the tree faces (traumatic life experience), the tree’s trunk gets slashed; we will call this an event. With each event there is an emotion attached to it. The tree is still growing yet not as big and strong because of its shallow root system. Each of the leaves on the tree’s canopy is our thoughts. As the tree sheds its leaves, the toxic leaves fall to the ground and eventually the toxicity of the composted leaves is what keeps feeding the tree (negative thought energy).

Only when we make the conscious choice to begin pruning the tree (written conscious thought) will we even begin to see new growth. This is an ongoing mental process of pruning out some of the people in our lives that are toxic and need to be consciously and physically shed as connections. Their toxic leaves (thought energy) are what keeps feeding our tree. As we prune our tree, we activate its root system into the form of re-growth. The roots will begin to dig deeper into the soil, as we have activated the defense of the tree. We sent it into shock and the new growth is stimulated by positive energy of digging deeper into the ground for greater stability (faith). Slowly, we are pruning the tree, all the while the roots are going deeper and deeper into the earth.

These deep roots of faith have the ability to heal the toxic energy that the tree once grew upon, simply by releasing the past in written thought form. The trunk (our body) of the tree will still remain. The branches of the tree might be gone (our old thoughts), yet the tree will experience new growth into a bigger more beautiful tree than it originally started out as. This is because we were always rooted in life, but now we are rooted in faith and not the judgment of society into believing what was not true.

Each time the body experiences the same emotion, the body’s energy is returned to the event where the thought was locked into the subconscious mind. Journaling disconnects the energy from the emotions and the thought flows out onto the paper. Simple, profound and very self-empowering.


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