Making Our Dreams Reality with Jade


Jade or “piedra de yjada” comes from a Spanish word meaning, “stone of the lion”. Its chemical composition is NaAl (Si2O6)+Ca,Fe,Mg,Mn. Jade forms in monoclinic crystals with a variety of colors ranging from white, yellow, dark to light green, red, black, and rarer blue and lavender. Jade’s hardness is 6.5 -7, making it a valuable carving tool for statues, amulets, beads, incense burners, knives and home decor. It’s been mined all over the world mostly coming from Burma today.

Jade has a strong connection with the Mayan culture; using it during dream time helps us contact Mayan elders who bestow knowledge, ceremonial or cultural information. It is a stone of healing, heart healing and healing from the heart.

Carrying or wearing jade encourages self realization, remembering our life purpose and how to turn dreams into reality. Jade helps us remember our lives are precious, instilling immortality. It benefits the kidneys, nervous system and suprarenal glands. To contact the Mayan elders or enhance your dreams, obtain and cleanse one piece of jade. Meditate on your specific question about the Mayans, their ceremonies, general cultural information, Mayan calendars, pyramids or crystal skulls. Visualize, feel yourself there, with the question in mind while holding the jade at your heart chakra for 15 minutes. Ask the jade to help you clearly recall the Mayan culture.

If you want to remember something specific you can write it on paper and place the question and jade under your pillow while you sleep. The information you can access stored in crystals, is limitless. When you wake, place the jade on your third eye, meditating and allowing yourself to be open and receptive to all visions, sounds, colors, images, feelings, past lives or voices you experience and remember.


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