Using crystals to share love and appreciation


Sharing and expressing love appreciation, gratitude with others is one of the greatest blessings on Earth. It can change someone’s life in unfathomable ways. Programming crystals with our love work great because they impeccably hold and transmit emotions, information, and energy.

When we’re missing someone, we can hold the crystal, and it transmits the person’s love. This is a great way to “give’ our love to someone away in the war or don’t live near us, in need of healing, feeling lonely.

Crystals can also send love and gratitude to war-torn countries, the people living there, governments, Earth healing, and pollution. Certain stones have natural abilities to increase love and will amplify this intention. Rose quartz, ruby, herkimer, diamonds, emerald, jade, peridot, bowenite, and turquoise are a few. To use this technique, you can program many stones at once or one at a time.

Pick a stone and prepare for meditation, holding the crystal to your heart. Clearly see the person or place you want to send love. Think about your love and appreciation for them. Feel it growing in your heart, recall times you were both happily expressing your love. As the love builds see it creating a pink gold bubble at your heart, allow yourself to feel this love at its deepest levels. Then imagine and feel the pink gold love bubble being sucked into the crystal-like a vacuum. The stone’s now holding your love and gratitude.

When you give the crystal remind them, the more they carry it, the greater they’ll feel your love. To send love around the world, hold your programmed love crystal while imagining the people and places feeling happy, loved, and peaceful.


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