Connect with Highest Self Using Vesuvinite


Vesuvianite, or Idocrase, form small resinous crystals with color flecks ranging from pale blue, red, green and yellow, and is found in the United States. Idocrase radiates unity and harmony, eliminating fear and depression. It links us to our highest self and higher guidance. Vesuvianite stimulates creativity, aiding self-expression through ideas and inventions. It strengthens tooth enamel, smell, and nutrient absorption.

Have you ever heard of “highest self.” What is our highest self? Our highest self is our Divine God-self, the higher part of our soul that remembers itself as a child of God, and therefore has Godly qualities. It sees the bigger picture and wants our highest and best. Our God-self is always with us, guiding us. When making decisions, the first answer we hear is most often our highest self, but we doubt ourselves.

Ego is the opposite of our highest self. The main goal of a healthy ego is keeping us safe. Its job is to question, making it tricky to complete projects or spiritual endeavors. Our highest self sees the big picture, knows what’s best, and guides us. An unhealthy ego has fearful belief systems repeating unconsciously. A great tool for discerning the ego or highest self when hearing the questioning voices of fear or unworthiness is to ask yourself, “Ego? Are you here to protect and keep me safe?” “No?” “Thank you; I love you. Please be quiet.”

When we are aware of the ego, we are open to hearing the guidance of our higher self. Spiritual masters suggest setting daily intentions with our highest self to ‘direct our lives’; this aids in accomplishing goals and ignites ideas. A good affirmation for this is: “I AM one with my highest self. I intend for all my actions to be from my highest self.” Hold idocrase on your third eye or crown chakra, to amplify effects.


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