Reclaiming Your Divine Self


March is a great time for connecting with, renewing, reclaiming, and healing your inner self. The question is, who do you want to be in this new spring? Just like the new growth of plants, you too grow and change. It’s just that you can mindfully choose the changes you want to make, and on a deep level. First, take stock of the reactive choices you have made. By that, I mean, those mistakes that you may have said or done without thinking about it in reaction to a trigger, and now regret the results.

A great way of doing this is to look through your journal and highlight those moments you have documented. Then, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and visualize that situation again. How would you change it? How does the result change? Do you like that result? If so, practice this new way of responding — because chances are, the universe will give you a type of do-over. When that happens, all you have to do is take a deep breath, pause, remember your new choice of response, and respond. Document what happens in your journal and give yourself kudos for changing a conditioned response. You are learning to choose who you want to be, renewing, and revising your inner programs and reclaiming your true self. The connection with your true self comes in when you breathe deeply and connect with you, the divine.

The connection with your divine, true self, allows you to be guided by the divine to be and act according to your true nature and purpose. The response you chose consciously (or unconsciously) allows you to re-write your inner programming that has been there, possibly even starting in the womb or in your genetics (which science is starting to prove is powerful). You can be your true self, although it may take some courage to breach your family patterns. It’s hardest to be you when you are with your family as the programming gets triggered, so remember to take lots of deep breaths to anchor and connect with you.

You get to reclaim your divine self. The healing comes into play by being compassionate and loving with yourself and the mistakes that provide your personal learning lessons, accepting that you are here to have this experience and grow into your greatest being, becoming self-actualized and connecting with the Creator of All. We are each here to grow and learn, and you would not expect a first grader to be doing calculus. So avoid expecting yourself to be perfect – if you were, you wouldn’t be here! So, enjoy the experience of connecting with you, renewing, reclaiming, and healing your inner self. Have fun with it, and may your journey be blessed!


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