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Creating New, Healthy Routines

Wow, now that the Corona Virus is here, many of us are focusing on our physical health and isolating ourselves. I’d like to look at this differently, have a different point of view. How do we remain focused on being healthy in body, yet also mind, emotions and spirit? We can use this opportunity to not only change the way we sanitize our bodies and avoid getting ill, we can also choose to change the way we live on all levels!

What if we chose to, while isolating ourselves physically, eat healthier? A lot of people are stocking up on food. If you are, stock up on healthy foods, while leaving some for others. We can take this time to grow our gratitude for this food and, I understand, toilet paper and sanitizer during this great time of living. A hundred years ago, a lot of this wouldn’t have been possible!

And, remember to be grateful and keep in contact with loved ones and friends — please feel free to contact me via Facebook messenger, (on my professional page where I’m wearing a suit in front of a tree), miche@spirituallivingandhealing.com, or, 248-212-0808. I will be doing a lot of FaceTime and telephone sessions!

Perhaps this is a great time to read all those articles and books you’ve been putting off. What about watching movies and YouTube videos that are food for your body, mind, emotions, and soul? Spend time in study to improve your life. You can even look at different areas of your life such as health and wellness, education/intellectual, relationships, parenting, social, financial, career, spiritual, your quality of life, and your life goals, to see where you might desire the most improvement and make a plan on how to get there.

During this time of growth and introspection, you can choose to dis-create old habits that no longer serve you. You can create a new, healthy routine and try it out, create new habits and cement them into your subconscious so that you can maintain them after this crisis ends and before you go back to the office.

In this healthy routine, you could include starting your morning with words of gratitude, practice your breathing exercises, meditate, or work out. Robin Sharma teaches a 20/20/20 principle to start your morning — 20 minutes each of exercise, contemplation (i.e., meditate, journal) and study something to assist your inner growth.

Get enough sleep and water to gain energy for your new routine, add some positive affirmations, and possibly clean out your home — let go of what no longer serves you — as you let go of unhealthy habits, create the inner and outer environments and routines you desire for experiencing the new, healthy growth on the path of self-actualization.

Have fun!

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